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Info on Anxiety drugs & their & side effects

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Hi all new member here, I suffered from anxiety attacks about 7 years ago was put on Citalopram which did the trick,but I remember the first two weeks of taking them wasnt very nice the Anxiety was more intense.Anyway I stopped taking these in November last year,I dont know why (maybe I thought I was cured) I recently had an op & was put on Ciprofloxin these made me depressed & I am now suffering panic attacks again! I am now Frightend to go back on the citalopram as I remember the first time I took them.Also now every new ache & twinge is something sinister,its driving me nuts.Can you fellow sufferes tell me what anti depressants you are taking & what side effects if any they produce.I really need some help here.

Cheers to all

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Hello and welcome to the site.I have suffered anxiety in the past have a good few years then it comes crashing back. I had been free for 6years until the new year that bout lasted for approx 6 weeks then i seemed to be back to my normal self,then about 5weeks ago i am back with it and it sems each time it comes back with more of a vengence. I have i suppose what would be Health Anxiety and Panic attacks i get really horrid physical symptoms so my mind runs riot thinking i have got all the awful deseases.My gp has put me on Citalopram 10mg i was on them in the past and found they helped.I am on day 17 with theses this time round,yes i have had horrid side effects sweating, dry mouth slight nausea no appetite finding sleeping not very good.I think they are begining to help as my appetite is a bit better but saying that i seem to have a good day and then a couple when i feel awful which is how i have been feeling today hate waking up dreading the day ahead.Its good to know being on here you can identify with others going through the same thing. Hope these few lines have helped in anyway.

im i citalopram and dont have many side affects at all which is great

Thanks for the rapid reply hardwood

Thanks for the quick reply & imformation devon.I hope things improve really soon.

Good luck

Hi Gretch,

I am on 100mg Sertraline and also Diazepam. I noticed that they did make me feel a little worse at first but nothing terrible, in fact i felt much happier first of all. Now i have been on them a while i don't feel much better and it is like my system has accepted them and now thinks ' no big deal' , maybe i need something else. What it has done for me is take away my anger and mood swings and also i am not so OCD as i was, but recently my mind has started racing again and i am suffering from my anxiety again. i will see what happens when i go back to see the dr. Best of luck to you!

Hi, I have just been put on Lofepramine and I have found that my Anxiety is getting slightly worse but manageable, my hearts racing and it's causing me to sweat more then normal. But like I say I haven't even been on them a day. I'm pretty sure all antidepressants/antianxieties make you worse before you get better, which is why they always ask if you have been feeling suicidal and make sure you know what to do if you feel like it while on the tablets. Good luck and I hope you find one you can work well with. Everybody is different remember that! x

hi, i am new on here an i suffer with anxiety, i hate taking tablets as it is finking that i am going to have a reaction to them nw the dr as given me citalopram i have only had 1 so far lastnite but it took me a while to get to sleep as my head was telling me something was happening to me after this tablet and i have felt like rubbish today. should i keep taking these or stop i dont want to feel any worse.

hi I'm new on here too....have been experiencing panic/anxiety over past 2 months,started using Citalopram and symptoms do worsen initially and will suit some people and not others.I managed 8 weeks on it but then stopped under guidance of GP,also have used propanolol and have found this to be more useful especially for the more 'physical 'symptoms,racing heartrate and restlessness ,agitation.Having some good support around you is also essential and seeking some professional counselling has also been useful for me,i think it depends on what starts the anxiety and talking about this to others.i work in mental health and didnt have a clue what anxiety really felt like,it is scary and unpleasant but doesnt last forever,I hope to keep working on the issues which started this episode off and am starting to feel better.Hope this helps .

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Hi etmoo,thanks for the for the info.& good luck.

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