Some Good News

I just wanted to let you know that my 2nd year mammogram arrived in the post today and it is CLEAR although I am suffering with painful boobs and have an icepack in my bra. I spoke to my Mental Health Consultant and he is going to see me tomorrow as I was in such a state and has given me the 24 hour Helpline. I then go and see my Pain Consultant privately on Monday or would have to wait 6 months on the NHS and he looks after my pain medication. Thank you to everyone who replied to me xx

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  • Hi

    I'm so pleased it came back clear I hope all goes well for you when you see your pain consultant.

    Take care Kenny xxx

  • Sundayschild I am so happy for your good news.

    Hopefully the pain consultant and mental health nurse can help.


  • I am pleased it came back clear but hope they can offer a solution for the pain Because pain can be so dibilitating and energy sapping.


  • Hi

    I am pleased your results are negative & I am glad you have an appointment tomorrow :-)

    Thinking about you




  • Glad the second one as clear. Now to sort out the pain. Good luck with your appointment. Julie xx

  • Brilliant news Sundayschild, and I hope you can get help with pain management.


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