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What do you do to treat yourself?

Hi Everyone. I read yesterday that one thing to remember to do when you are suffering anxiety and/or depression is to treat yourself. This is to remind yourself that you work hard and are worth something, otherwise you feel you are putting everything into life and getting nothing in return.

As a colleague told me yesterday when beaming from ear to ear as he received his Macbook and brand new camera 'You can't take it with you'.

I was wondering, what things do you purchase/do to give yourself a treat?

I always buy little things for our home. I feel really pleased with myself when I can add to the place we spend so much time in. :)


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Mandy26 - YES I AGREE COMPLETELY! I did CBT last year and my therapist kept saying what was I treating myself too. Because Anxiety and Depression can leave you feeling empty, worthless and exhausted it's common that sufferers don't participate in 'self care'.

I know when off sick money is tight (or even when you're not off sick) things were like that for me, I didn't feel like I could just buy clothes or I started baking...and when I tucked into my sugary concoctions they were a treat for me. I also started to buy myself Yankee Candles once every month or so...I saved up the £15 or so and ordered them online. I would then light it, let the house fill with gorgeous smells and do some relaxation.

I am working at the moment, although having a rough old time anxiety wise but I work from home now so I am in a more comfortable environment. Just today I treated myself to a charm for my links bracelet...just to remind myself I am doing OK and another day got through is another achievement.


Hi MazzieL. Ooo I love Yankee candles :) We have the oil burner yankee thing and I'm forever burning them at night. The smells are so lovely.

It's amazing how one small thing can really cheer you up isn't it. I went for a long time without treating myself and I was so down. I felt like I never had anything nice for myself (but it was actually my own fault)

It's good that you're back at work. Do you find that you're having more positive moments as time goes on? I like your idea of putting a small amount away, I might try that as I sometimes find I forget or lose track of what I'm spending at certain times. It would give me something to look forward to too.



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