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Feeling rubbish

Well I have to say I'm quite gutted. I've gone weeks without any anxiety symptoms, I thought I was beating it...then the storm happened yesterday!

I live in Newcastle and I was in the office when it started. I'd never seen anything like it so was petrified. I knew my bf was driving home, the dog was on his heart started pounding. I kept it under control though. I left work at 4.30 and ended up in a pub because it was still terrential and there was no way for me to get home. It took my bf 4 hours to drive to get me when it should have taken 20 minutes, we then managed to get home 3 hours later, then it happened, I had an attack when my partner was walking the dog and I panicked. I tried deep breathing, my heart rate was well over 100 and I was kept awake with palpitations all night and still feel terrible today. I'm just so frustrated that I couldn't beat this attack. I couldn't stop myself panicking. It's such a horrible thing.

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Hi love i live in county Durham so know what you mean about the storm it had me petrified also and i had an attack also But I've been struggling all week so it just tipped me over the edge.Stay strong and dont dwell on it just see it as a blip x


Very true. If you dwell on it stress acts like a bully and will pick up on this and make things worse. Try some guided visualisation to create a safe place where you can "go to" when stressed a place where you are stress free and relaxed

There are some good ones on the web


Mmmm you dont have to beat it, just learn to live with it - is an uneasy peace I know!! its a setback to have an attack, but thats all, - dont make it the centre of your life. Try to keep busy even if its cleaning and cooking, I find my friends are very helpful and writing my feelings helps me to stand back from them a bit and realise I can feel the fear and do it anyway!!


Hi everyone. Thank you for the replies. I am feeling better today. Acallow you are right. This is how I'd learnt to deal with it but I think after not having an attack for a while my sense of calm flew out of the window. But your comment helped remind me what to do. Thank you. X


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