Hi everyone, so my anxiety has been so intense the last couple of days, I have been convinced I'm going to black out on a number of occasions and been so panick struck by it that's it's took my breath away and im left feeling like I can't breath :( its even been there whilst iv been with other people which as a rule doesn't happen as often for me, I'm normally better when I'm with others but the last few days I haven't been! Does anyone else sit there whilst ther having these intense thoughts and feelings and feel unable to speak, like you wanna shout out how panicked you are but yoou don't want to look stupid in front of people? I feel sometimes like its all inside, gettin more and more intense and I can't say what's happening !!! X


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  • Im so with you i sit and just want to run away when people are there I've spent the last few days going to bed at 6 as its the only place i can relax its like a living nightmare at the moment x

  • Hi Sharon, sorry to hear you're feeling crappy too :( its jus so difficult. Today I popped to town with a friend, I felt so ill, so sure I was going to faint, I couldnt hold a conversation. Was horrible x

  • Its awful love when will it get better x

  • Today has been a bad day for me. The children finished school for the summer holidays took them to pizza hut with my friend and her children, panic struck while i was sitting there took me all my time to eat, and i was trying to have a conversation but honestly i could just sleep feeling so tired today.Going to Turkey on holiday tomorrow for 1 week so dreading it .

  • Well I'm in same shape, right now my hubby is in bed because he works nights an I'm sitting on floor next to be he doesn't know it everyone avoids me me or have their own lives went an seen counselor ugg not only do I have anxiety / panic she says I'm depressed like I needed to hear that an wants me to go on meds which I'm afraid of I want to run an hide but where very lonely time in my life hope you feel better! Bless you

  • Hi, i had to go and see an occupational health doctor the other day and he has told me my emotional state has deteriorated and have become more depressed!....anxiety and depression come hand in hand im affraid, i really have a wonderful life,i cannot understand why i feel the way i do,there must be an imbalance somewhere but i just need to find out what it is. Ive been off work a while now and no1 contacts me and my friends have stopped contacting me and i feel so lonely. I feel over my lifetime a lot of people have let me down, but i never talk to people about it because i just get told im stupid and its all in my head.....people think im crazy. I now feel that im giving in to this anxiety and its taking over me therefore letting myself and my family down! I cant bare the thought of my children growing up with a mum whos like this,and i wonder if it will affect them later in life!

  • hi all sorryto hear a lot of you are going through a bad time i dont usually get it when i am with family and friends but it did happen one day last week and i tried to keep it together but i could not i had to tell my friend i was having a terrible dizzy spell i thought i was going to faint she said that my face was very red normally i go white dont understand it is always worse when i have not had much sleep does any one else feel the same doc says sleeping tablets are no good they do no harm but you can get addicted to them WHATS WRONG WITH BEING ADDICTED TO A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP X but they dont mind dishing out A Ds

  • hi anderson hope you have a good holiday get plenty of rest put all your worries behind you for a week x

  • Sleep is important it gives the body time to reboot itself- however throughout the day there are rhythms that we should all be aware of ultradian these occur every 90-120 minutes when you will begin to feel tired and have difficulty concentrating Take a 20 minute rest this helps. With regard to the fear of losing breath look towards mindfulness and breathing exercises they will help you relax because when you stress you hold your breath

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