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Just waking up from my nap I panicked thinking I was alone at home till I realised my boyfriend was here as well in the living room.tomorrow he s going back to work and the idea that I will be by myself is killing me already.i m worrying far too much for tomorrow but I think is going to be one of those days where I will panick on and off through the day....;-( I hate it!


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  • Hii there..... I totally understand... I have these thoughts every fri-sun when my kids go stay with their dad.... That is the hardest time for me as it gives me too much time to think which for me is truly damaging xx

  • Do u actually panick?

  • Hi train 80, I too have similiar worries, I don't like my own company and unfortunately I have let anxiety rob me of my independance completely! :( my partner is going away for work this week and I'm dreading it! I know I will worry more than I would if he was home so I know what it's like! X

  • Well he s been home jyst for the weekend.the thing is that I had my relatives with me for 10 days and my boyfriend with me @the weekend and from tomorrow everybody will be gone and I will be by myself all of the sudden after having so many people around me for ten days!!

  • Hi i am alone every day now duw to panic attacks starting again 7 weeks ago , i have to manage as i live alone but its not easy like this morning was really bad for me , i can't go out now so am stuck indoors nearly 7 days aweek i do force myself to go out at least for a hour a day twice aweek now. i used to be out everyday and work or a charity shop to this has all stopped i am giving in to easy but i have no fight left in me . but you should try and get out maybe it might help you better than being alone .i come on here everyday and read and see whats going on it does help me iwas helped this morning on her by one of the members i am thankful to her as she was feeling the same as me so it must had been hard for her too ..

  • Hi I have to say thatyour story is sad a mine.sometimes I don t go out for days and sometimes I go out and some other I panick so much to stay indoor that I spendlong time outside cause I don t want to be indoors bymyself.I hate it when I panick to be indoor and at the same time I panick to go out.and that is difficult to handle.till few months ago I had a life I mean I had a job and know I m scared of everithing.i hope we all going to feel better soon.hugs ;-)

  • the loss of independance i have is so awful and my partner really does not get it!

    being stuck indoors all the time is not as easy as people think it is. its a greaat shame we all do not live near each other as id love to meet others in this situation. thinking of you all x

  • Hi Sam you know I would love the same.meet all the members share our stories and hug each other to ease the pain of our feelings.i wish for all of us to get better soon.hugs

  • yes that would be so good Sam .x

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