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Does anybody else have these thoughts?

I feel like I am suffering from social anxiety because I have a fear of being laughed at by strangers in public places. If this situation ever does happen, I go into a state of panic and fustration because I don't know why they are laughing at me. I often believe they are laughing because I am ugly but the fact I will never know fustrates me because I can't do anything about it if I don't know what is wrong with me. I also feel like I am not accepted socially because I am ugly and it's only the good looking people who get all the fun and friends in this society. I have these anxious thoughts everyday.

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yep, i feel like that when i'm out. :(


Hi, i have felt like this my whole life! which i think is why i isolate meself even further. people can be so nasty esp when they dont suffer with anything themslef. please email me if you ever want to chat, i will give you my personal email. sam x



I often find myself in similar situations. It started at school- where I was picked on. Kids would often sit behind me and start laughing and when I turned around I could tell they were getting satisfation from my anxieties. I started worrying about what was wrong with me. Particularly, as you mentioned, my appearance. It was frustrating and humiliating. I would spend my weekend indoors.

I finished school. Things got better for a while- I started going out. Now I'm struggling again. I always feel slightly on the edge when I'm in a group of friends. Always worried about what they're thinking. They invited me out less and I had to start pesturing to get their attention. But I don't like doing that. I don't like feeling as if I'm annoying people. So I left them alone. And-well I could write tons more. I'll stop and just say I now haven't heard anything in a while. Sometimes it feels 'safer' just to shut myself away. I'm glad its not just me that feels like this.

I sympathise with you all here. You're not alone. Funkyfairy xxx


I feel exactly like this every minute of every day and its very draining , ive been like this since i was a little girl[i had a very hard childhood] i cannot sit opposite people on a bus etc as i feel the same , i was diagnosed with SOCIAL PHOBIA last year it never goes away , yes honey it sounds as if you have xx good luck hugz


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