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? Something bad is going to happen

? I won’t be able to cope

Body reaction

Adrenaline response – Body’s alarm system - Energised for fight or flight.

Blood is diverted to the big muscles to help us escape or fight the threat, and blood is therefore taken away from other body systems.

You might notice in your body:

? Heart rate increases

? Breathing speeds up, breathless, choking feeling

? Muscles tense, aching, shaking

? Hot, Sweating

? Lightheaded, Blurred vision

? Butterflies in tummy, urge to go to toilet

? More alert – scanning for danger

Thinking differently

? Is this threat a real one or is it really bound to happen?

? Am I exaggerating the threat? Am I misreading things?

? I feel bad, but that doesn’t mean things really are so bad.

? What would someone else say about this?

? What would I say to a friend in this situation?

? What would be a more helpful way of looking at things?

? Where’s my focus of attention?

? I can cope with these feelings, I’ve got through it before. This will pass.

Doing differently

? Take a breath

? How will doing this affect me in the long term?

? Don’t avoid situations – go anyway.

? Problem solve or make plans if necessary.

? Take things slowly or gradually.

? Focus attention outside of me – external rather than

internal focus.

? What’s the best thing to do?

? What would help most?


Imagine yourself coping in a situation that you feel anxious about. See the situation through to a successful completion.

Visualise blue for calm. Breathe in blue and breathe out red

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Hi Sharonlou, i will have to copy this well done it's so true and would really help me :-) x


Loads more of these on fantastic cbt website x


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