WHY ??

Why do we allow our minds do this to us.Its a question I have been asking myself alot lately.I think why Sharon why are you giving into the constant worry and fright that anxiety brings.I had a moment before where I started to feel the ususal feeling building up so for the first time I said to myself well come on then crack on Ive had enough of you now.The feeling past as quick as it come.Maybe I should do this more often ???


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  • If only we knew Sharon, by giving in to it we're fuelling it I guess, increasing the anxiety! Thats brilliant that you were able to say that to yourself and even better that the feeling past! I have tried to talk myself round in the past, maybe that's what it's all about, facing up to the feeling and telling it to go away! X

  • I think we must be fuelling it.I actually shouted out loud before come on then Im sick of you anxiety .My partner just looked at me as if I had gone mad lol.So give it a go lol xx

  • thankyou for that, will give it a go, as have had a horendous week, treat "it" like a bully,I think they turn tail when confronted,X

  • hi sharon that has worked for me for the past few days when ive had to get on the bus and thankfuly the anxiety has passed relativley quickly having that mind set it doesnt go completely but standing up to it certainly makes you feel more in control of it. Power on hun we will win this battle, we may never be free of it completely but we will have more control over it than it does of us eventualy. well done xx

  • Hi well done ,its working for me not all the time but going to continue doing it.We will win this battle we have got to xxx

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