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Does Hypnosis treatment work for Anxiety ?

My Anxiety was caused when I felt dizzy in a bar on a Sunday afternoon, I had only 1 drink but from that day onwards I feel anxious when going near a bar and cannot drink socially. I have been on on computer based CBT courses and have taken Mirtazapine. The feeling is still there when I enter places where alchohol is served. I am thinking of trying hypnosis, has anyone else tried this treatment to eradicate the ingrained bad thoughts ?

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Hi Kevin,

Although I have never tried hypnotherapy I do know of people who have and they say they found it helpful. There is no one therapy that works for everyone, all you can do is try everything that is available to you. My advice would be to go into it with an open mind and the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

If you are seeing someone privately just be aware of costs, some therapists can charge an arm and a leg. If there is an Anxiety UK hypnotherapist near you then you will pay a lot less.

Whatever you decide I hope it works for you. Perhaps you can post your experience?

Best wishes.


yes please let me know if you try it and it works as I will try anything at the moment


it's one the most popular treatments after CBT and involves learning deep relaxation techniques and suggestion during this relaxation to help break the association between anxiety and the bar, if you want more information you can look at the AUK websitte here:

there is a testement from one of the members and how they found it useful. If you do decide to do hypnotherapy then I encourage you to give feedback as it's always helpful for other people of course this is up to you.


Hypnosis helped me turn major corner. I can do tasks easily that i could not do before hypnosis. Ie, open mail, read emails


Is there a place on Anxiety UK that has feedback from people who have been to a Hypnotherapist. This would be really useful for people who are undecided. I can read feedback on Hypnotherapists websites but feel it is biased and only the "great it worked for me" feedback is published. What about all those that it didn't work for ?


Maybe there are none?


hi kevin. oh has just started a 5 session course of hypn otherapy .finding it a lot better than cbt.the session are to give her confidence + self belief so I hope it works for you .good luck .x


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