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I sometimes think i believe in a delusion or a stupid thought

Like im thinking this person is laughing at me but i know there not i just think it for few seconds or im in a jet when im in a car i dont fully believe in it just do for 5 seconds or i make myself think i believe in it and it freaks me out becuase i think im becoming schizo,

Have gone to my gp who thinks im anxious not schizo but i have not told him this

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HI, that sounds like ocd, read up on it so you are well informed and can tackle it better. i have weird thoughs and it all comes under the heading of anxiety. sam x



I agree this sounds like anxiety. Try to change the way you are reacting to these thoughts. I know they are unsettling but intrusive/weird thoughts love a good strong reaction, that's what keeps them going. Tell yourself it is just a thought and thoughts come and go. They are not real, lots of people have them. Try laughing at them insead because they are so preposterous.

Best wishes.


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