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Will this anxiety and panic ever go away

Hello i am a new member its great to know i am not alone in this world with this life changing problem. For me this all started aprox 6 years ago i had what i now know to be a massive panic attack for no reason whatsoever ,my whole world just crashed for no reason . I got over the panic attack over the next month and went back to work but i could not go near the place where my panic attack occured for weeks, but my whole world had changed, From then on i suffered with this silly anxiety panic and depression problem I have been on citalopram this last time now for 6 months It always seems worse in the long cold / dark winter months.My problem is will it ever go away . On bad days i wake up and within a matter of hours my head feels as though its in a bucket i feel one step removed from whats going on around me , i can.t stand noise or people around me i feel panicky headache sickly and what i call jittery bugged-- shakey I get cross at the least problem i can.t stand anything going wrong my head feels like its in a bubble this makes me feel scared but i don.t know what of i want to run but don.t know where or why and i feel as though i have no interest in anything i love am i loosing it and going mad and will i end up been sectioned. i am now seing a nice doctor and a councilor but will it ever go away !!!!

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i dont think theres a deffinate reply to that question. can can relate to alot of what you are saying, its starts with one thing and grows. have you thought about trying cbt? ive done a bit of it and its quite helpful. i would highly recommend cognitive behavioural therapy workbook for dummies by rhena branch and rob wilson.

sam x


Hi i have been having anxiety attacks for the last 5 weeks , this week it's has been alot better i can get thought somedays not having any panick attacks but still feel uneasy but i thought i was doing well until this afternoon and it started again for a while now am calming down i think we have to live with this and take each day as it comes and pray thay one day we will be panick free until then i will try all to help myself .. Paula ..


From my experience it does get better but I am not sure why, either you learn to cope or it is a result of the mediction /CBT and general coping therapies like deep breathing. I can relate to the intensified senses. I tried attending self help classes but it made me focus more on the problem rather than letting it go. I changed my stratagy and took up a new hobby and joined a club unrelated to anxiety. This worked for me. Instead of me thinking about anxiety or panic attacks I now think more of my hobby so my mind is fully occupied. No I am not 100% cured but do not feel as bad

hope this helps



Hello Kevin its funny you mention the fact that attending self help made you think about your problem more and you try to distance yourself from it. i too attend a one to one therapy session and each time i get so worked up about going and when they ask me have i been reading the literature they gave me about it i say no because it makes me think more about my problem when i'm trying to keep my mind on other things ie hobbies etc when you sit and read up about panic/anxiety it just puts you back into lower state of mind and lets it get hold again i try keep busy and my mind off it .take each day as it comes bye


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