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Calm and Creative

I have quite a few little hobbies, many of which are quite creative. I love painting and drawing, and in particular I make gift cards for my friends and family. Not only is this a fantastic money-saver, but I find it incredibly relaxing and calming. I have a big stock of bits and pieces that I've collected over the years, card, decorative paper, stickers etc and I love nothing more that routing through all of these goodies in order to come up with an idea for a card. I find it easiest to work when I'm under a bit of pressure, if I need to get the card in the post the next day for example!

It is an excellent way of focusing the mind, I very much go into a bit of a 'zone' whilst I'm doing it so no matter what sort of day I've had or what things are running round my head, I completely forget about them for an hour or so. Being creative is very liberating too - I feel I can express myself in some small way, and whatever is going on inside I can let it flow out in the shapes and patterns that I draw or cut out.

A lot of people might argue that they are not creative and that it would only frustrate them to try and do a painting or make a card, which in their eyes would look awful! But I always maintain that everyone is creative in some way and needs to find some outlet for this. So next time you're feeling tense or stressed out, and if there are a million and one things going round your head, try something creative and see what happens - nobody else needs to see it! It could be some simple doodling or sketching, sewing, cardmaking or even origami - there is nothing more therapeutic than the repetitive folding of paper into very beutiful shapes. Again, this really makes you focus and draws your mind away from the stresses of the day.

Give it a go!

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I'm a creative by day but work stress has taken the fun out of the creativity for me. Maybe being creative on my own terms would be much more enjoyable and reignite my passion and as you said relieve some of my anxiety.

Nice idea :)


I completely agree with you. I enjoy working with textiles,sewing,knitting etc. Feeling sad at the mo with things going on in my life. Time to get my mind focused on something - especially as Christmas round the corner! Thanks for your post : )


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