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panic attacks

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hello everyone. Any thoughts please on dealing with panic attacks? Also does anxiety cause lightheartedness?

thank you

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Hi KS1966,Panic attacks (PAs) are unique between people. You can feel dizzy if you hyperventilate and get too much carbon dioxide in your blood.

The main thing is to realise that time seems to stand still in the middle of a PA which a actually last 5-7 minutes at the most. You won't die even though it feels like it and so scary.

My psychologist suggested to think about surfing 🏄‍♂️ the anxiety wave.

A wave builds up in size then travels to the beach where it gently hits the sand. If you can take you mind to the scenario you are distracted from feeling bad.

There are lots of PA tips online and of course MAT, medicine 💊 assisted treatment or CBT with a therapist.

I can say from my experience PAs do get less intense over time. 🐈‍⬛

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ks1966 in reply to blackcat64013

then you 😘

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Yes, lightheadedness is a common symptom of panic attacks. What can really help is learning what they really are and how to constructively deal with them which helps demystify them and lessen the fear and help you realize you're not going nuts and they are quite common. Essentially, panic/anxiety is a paradox and the more you struggle and fight it the more it persists so the solution is to surrender and let the anxious feeling flow through you and desensitize your body and to also not feed the anxiety with anxious thoughts.

I suggest you check out the DARE Anxiety book and youtube videos and also the website/youtubes of Paige Pradko for good info about how to constructively deal with them.

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