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just had a panic attack walking to the shop

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I’m so upset that I’m back to square one with this it feels like I can’t take it gets so overwhelming after I’ve had one like everything is unbareable I can’t even eat barley because of it my brain fights about medication it’s scared to even call for help my home is not even a comfort zone for me anymore just feels like I’m alone in another world and that something will happen to me but I don’t know what from how unbareable it is, I have so many plans for summer and now I feel like I’m not going to be able to do any of it with how bad these attacks are when I have one I can’t bring myself out of it I make myself worse and that scares me even more, I have to travel to the office tomorrow for work and it’s an hour and half away then I have to sit in the office for 8 hours panicking it’s just too much for my body to take and if I don’t go I’ll beat myself up about not going I just feel like screaming and that doesn’t even feel like it’s enough of a release.

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Back to square one, you say. That's not how it works, the path to our recovery is strewn with setbacks but three steps forward and two steps back is still progress.There is much truth in the saying 'do what you fear and the death of fear is assured'. I haven't driven long distance since last October and began to question my ability to do so: but today the sun was shining and I drove everyone over 100 miles to the beach and back. Of course it went well, I regained my cconfidence because I did what I feared.

So, Danzdanz123, accept for the time being all those things that distress you, which is to say Do what you fear. It is not your environment that is the problem, it is the tendency of anxiety to exaggerate ten-fold every minor problem or negativity. It is not your world that is to blame it is the jaundiced way you view it because your nervous system is over-sensitised.

By accepting your bad feelings for the moment, by losing your fear of fear, by refusing to 'fight' your anxiety because fighting only causes more strain and stress, by turning your mind to this way of viewing the world you can continue your journey down the Yellow Brick Road that leads, inevitably, to respite and full recovery. Safe journey!

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thank you for this because I literally went to the the shopping centre with my mum for 3 hours and didn’t run off I just let myself go through it feels weird to feel abit calmer but I’m so happy i did it!

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please read DARE by Barry McDonagh. Life changing.

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I’ll give it a read thank you!

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