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Stuck in panic for weeks

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I went into a crazy panic attack about 2 weeks ago and have been stuck in a state of panic ever since. I feel like I can't breathe all day, I have the shakes, nausea, intrusive thoughts, and all the other panic symptoms. The shortness of breath is prob the worst right now. My chest hurts from all the breathing I am trying to control. Just hoping I can snap out of it soon. Anyone else have this?

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Yes I understand where you’re coming from have you contacted a doctor or therapist for help? You are not alone in this I’ve been dealing with something similar for 4 months have had crazy symptoms. I’m trying BUSPAR currently

What's buspar?

Hi Obilove and Welcome to a safe and caring forum.Are you presently under the care of a doctor/therapist?

What caused the Panic Attack a couple weeks ago? Unless that

issue is addressed what happens is that you stay in an anticipational

anxiety. Meaning...the adrenaline never really leaves causing free floating


Because of the fear of it happening again, you stay in this heightened fight or flight

state causing you to breathe differently than you would if you were relaxed.

Your muscles throughout your body are tense and tight including the chest wall

muscles which can produce chest tightness and discomfort.

Since we are not doctors and can only go by our own experiences with anxiety, it is always

beneficial for you to see your doctor. You are able to get out of this fear cycle if you

do not fight the feeling and accept it as a sign of stress and anxiety.

I'm happy that you are here with us, hopefully it will make you not feel so all alone.

We are here for each other 24/7. Should you have any doubts regarding the physical

symptoms then by all means go to the nearest ER. Take care, Stay Safe :) xx

Hi have suffered like you I went to therapy and I am on antidepressants I am fine now I worry about my son which gives me anxiety. Have u trued any treatments?


Yes this happens to me. I’m not stuck in it now, but it happens and when it does it’s very hard to get out of. I actually seen a cardiologist because my heart kept skipping all day long and I had a strange shortness of breath. Heart holter for 24 hours showed everything was okay and doc said it was anxiety. I was convinced something was wrong with me. It’s scary when you really believe something is happening to you and hard to believe the physical symptoms you’re feeling are anxiety. Someone above mentioned fight or flight and that’s exactly what happened to me. Stuck in fight or flight constantly feeling adrenaline rushes, which fuelled more physical symptoms. Meditation helped me and I found this YouTube channel that made me feel less alone in dealing with it.

It’s the “improvement path” on YouTube if you don’t feel comfortable clicking links.

Really hope you can get out of the cycle soon. Know how hard it is.

Hello Obilove! Yes indeed. I’m on the same train! I’ve been on the panic and anxiety train for the last 2 months of my life and it’s a daily struggle! Make sure you see Doctors. This community is also very helpful

Hi, My name is Mary from the UK. I am sad to hear you are having such awful problems with panic and anxiety episodes. Although I don't KNOW how you are feeling, -- as we are all unique people, I do understand HOW you may be feeling! I suffered with panic attacks for more than 35 years, from when I was 30, I am 74 now, and still have the occasional episode I am more able to cope now. My GP put me on all manner of anti-depressants, (and kept me on them, for all that time) which quite literally took my whole quality of life away. I was like a zombie and to make matters worse put on a huge amount of weight - I tipped the scales at 250+ pounds, despite eating a balanced diet.

For me the turnaround came when my granddaughter was expecting her first child - my great grandson was actually born on my birthday and I was determined I was going to enjoy him, I had missed so much of my 15 grandchildren's young years. Sadly COVID came along and I still missed the first formative 18 months.

I have always been a committed Christian and a lay minister of the church, I sought help from my parish priest, who spent hours counselling me and helping me understand what was happening to me and why. I am savvy enough to know that not everyone has a belief in GOD, and I fully respect their opinion and choice.

However after I had dropped the panics/anxiety, I became a Christian Counsellor and now help other people. I counsel both non-believers and believers. The difference between a Christian and a non-believer's diagnosis and prognosis is very similar, except with a Christian prayer is vital. (If I am honest I will say I do pray for the non-believers also - that is for them, but not with them.

I believe that for you, you may have a subconscious need to discover WHY you have these distressing episodes, my advice would be to find someone you trust - this may be a friend, although very often when sharing about ourselves it is better to choose someone who is totally neutral and non-judgemental. (I say this because we all have something in our past that has affected us in some way, and sometimes friends do like to blab to other friends, and this is non-productive) You could ask at your local church, if they know of any counsellor/ /facilitator who would listen to you. For you, the important thing is YOU TALK, they listen and respond by getting you to dig deeper, and so clearing out all the baggage of years, possibly back down to childhood.

Apart from that you can try the 'mind over matter' - when you feel an episode coming on, go into a quiet space, (this can also be a beach, or a garden) sit and make yourself comfortable,

play a piece of gentle music that you like - Take time to explore what is going on around you, there may be different aromas, birds singing, traffic in the background, what colour is the sky, can you feel a breeze, is the sun warm on your face? Develop a bunch of breathing exercises - in through the nose, hold for 5 seconds, out through the mouth. Repeat until you feel more in control. Try to breathe from your stomach rather than you chest, thus allowing the oxygen to go deep into your being.

When you go out and about take with you a large PAPER bag, if you feel panic coming on place the bag over your nose and mouth and breath in and out quickly until the bag is inflated, then breathe the carbon dioxide back into your system - Be very careful not to use a plastic bag, as this can be fatal.

As I don't know about your belief's I will quietly pray for you anyway and wish you well.

Hi my name is Chris from the UK, rememberPanic Attacks cant kill you, although it feels like they can, try watching comforting irrelevant TV, it helps to take your mind off yourself, acknowledge that what is happening to you is not your normal state, it's a shirt term illness that the more you acknowledge the more you will regain control and a way back to normality, it will come, it did for me and it will for you.Propranol helps with the physical effects of panic attacks, the adrenalin etc, but must be prescribed by your GP,

I guarantee you you will get better.absolutley.

God Bless and stay positive.

Yes. I went through it for an entire summer. It completely destroyed me. I can sympathize and I am praying for you and that you get your life back. Propanolol really helped. I am now on Effexor which is ok. But I suggest you also try something like ability. I wish you luck and love and hope. It will be ok. If nothing use a benzo in the meantime but sparingly. I know it’s frightening what your mind can do. But your mind can also heal.

I have this yes and the breathing is the worse for me too. Constant throat tightness and feeling like I can't breathe. I'm not even anxious though it just happens

I have physical symptoms too, I've heard is to just let it pass, don't fight it

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