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I,m on 1mg of lorazepam daily and have been for four months and its the only medication that helps me yet everything about it on the internet is mostly bad and that its to used for four weeks or so only , not long term . Is anyone else in this situation , any help will be appreciated

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hi glad they are working for you wouldn`t read to much in to what the internet says or you`ll end up causing yourself more anxiety but if you feel mentally stronger and in a better place then maybe you could wean off them as 1mg shouldn`t cause serious symptoms stopping them.

Hi. Definitely don't trawl through the Internet. Go by what your doctor says 👍

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I live in Thailand and its very hard to get a good doctor here and especially hard to find one who truly understands mental health . Any Thai who is a good doctor , generally immigrates to country's like Australia or England .

Hi do not worry i have been on 2 mgs for18 months. Yes they are very addictive but when the time is right you can taper off very Slowly! Many people use the Ashton method . I need them as little else is helping me because i am so sensitive to antidepressants. If you are benefiting from them do not stress over them and listen to your Dr.

I too am concerned taking small doses of Clonazepam on a regular basis. I take as needed. Sometimes it’s a quarter of a .5 mg tablet. Sometimes .5mg and anther half if I cannot sleep. I have GAD and it helps to make it manageable. When I don’t need them, I don’t take any. My goal is to be off them entirely some day, but my meds dr assures me such a small dose will not harm me. But I am concerned because a person of my age, 63 , I feel is better off without them. Just my personal opinion for myself. But I’ve been told by my dr that it is safe at my small dose and even though I have been taking them on and off for years, it helps and I have never abused them or had an addiction problem.

Don't worry. My doctor said I could take as many as 6 one mg lorazepam per day when I was going through a very difficult period. I never took more than 3 per day but they were a life saver. You must remember however, to wean of them slowly. My doctor told me to cut back by a half a pill every week or 10 days. I did not have any problem. Now I keep them on hand and take one occasionally - about once every other or third day. They can be a godsend when you need them, just remember not to use them on a very long term basis at a high level.

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