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Finance and Mental Health

Hi all

I know this might be slightly off-topic, but I also know that a lot of people with mental or other health problems also have financial difficulties - usually as a result of our totally punitive benefits system/underemployment, or having to get taxis because we can't cope with walking/public transport, etc etc etc.

I thought, therefore, i would highlight the role of Credit Unions. These are small, often local, not-for-profit banking services that provide ethical, community-orientated banking services to people the big banks don't want to touch with a barge pole. Their savings rates tend to be low - but so are their borrowing rates - far, far far better than the much-advertised "payday" loans and all the other "quick fix" money lenders who advertise so much on TV!

If you're on benefits/low income, and struggling, check out if there is a Credit Union for you - you can get more info on here:-



Good luck - hope this helps some people!

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Thankyou rose,

I am having financial worries at the moment and they are causing me a lot of added stress and anxiety. I think it's why I'm having trouble sleeping too. I shut my eyes and all I can think about is how I'm going to manage this month.

I've never been in this position before so wouldn't know where to start. So thanks for the links, I'm sure others will find them useful too.

Love Cookie xxx


Thank you, Cookie, I hope people do find them helpful. Being ill is bad enough - being ill and poor is the pits.

I hope more people find these links useful! :)

Love n hugs





That's good information Rose

Thank you very much

It is so true , lots have money worries & don't always know the facts

Thank you once again





Thanks, Why - as I said to Cookie, I hope some people find it useful, ill-health and money troubles often come together- either causing each other or making them worse :(

Hugs {{{{{{{Why}}}}}}}

Lots of love




I totally agree



Briarrose,I don't think you are off topic at all.

I know that finances or lack of can have a severe effect on your mental health and so cause you anxiety ....depression......and other related illnesses.

I had never thought about credit unions.Seems like a good idea to me so I will be looking them up soon.

Many thanks



Thanks, Grogboy, hope you (and others) find it helpful.

You're welcome!




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