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Help! Become far too aware of my heart rate/beat!

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I've always worried about my heart rate but now I've become so aware of it, I'm afraid I now have the power to make it beat so fast I die! :'( I feel like now I'm afraid of my own hyperawareness and that I wish I could decrease it. I mean, its not possible for one to actively control the rate of their heart right? So why am I feeling this way? Thanks

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Hi Marc0133 I was doing this for a month at least with my Apple watch … constantly monitoring and readings were always high. My general anxiety has improved over the last couple of weeks and so has my bpm. Try listening to Janet Brindley Buteyko breathing… watch how your heart rate comes down…. It fluctuates constantly for so many reasons which are unimportant. You are not dying or I’ll im sure… just suffering with anxiety.

Good luck and let me know if it helps you.

All the best, Karen

Hi Marc

Your heart is governed by your parasynthetic nervous system - something you cannot control. However if you can hear your heart beat and have noticed your heart rate increase, it will be because of you being anxious and having a panic attack of sorts by going into ‘fight or flight’ mode.

You sound like you are suffering a lot of anxiety and intrusive thoughts I would urge you to go and see your GP for some support so that you can feel better really soon as I know anxiety is not pleasant even though it is harmless.

You are ok. Distract yourself. You are the master of your own thoughts. You cannot control your heart rate however you can influence it by calming down (slowing your heart rate) or by doing activity (speeding up your heart rate). Please get help to feel better.

I have been in the same boat. But will tell you to try this if it works for you. It works for me but every one is different.

Just focus your mind to your heart rate and when you are aware of it.... Just tell yourself that this is the normal heart rate . Once you are aware of the fact, just keep the focus there for a bit and then it will get slow down.

Also breathing techniques are helpful.

Hope you feel better.

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