Aware of my heartbeat

Ok this morning I woke and my heartbeat was up massively and it panicked me. I had been drinking so I think it was from that. But then all day it's been up and I keep noticing it it's been driving me insane I keep thinking I'm gonna have a heart attack or something. Cant snap out of it. Never had a fast heartbeat before it's scaring me. Caused me to have a panic attack earlier


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  • That happens to me to. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. It's most likely a panick attack or really bad anxiety. It happens to me after I drink alcohol. I get anxiety sometimes then I drink. If it keeps happening and bothers you a great deal, I'd say go to the doctors. Don't worry to much, ok? ☺☮

  • I'll see how i am tomorrow hopefully it'll stop. It's one of them things it's only bothering me when I notice it

  • I totally understand. I hate when I notice weird things. One time I was panicky and looked at my wrist and saw how tiny my veins were... I kid you not, I had a panic attack because my veins looked small. That's how they always look (I now realize) but at the time I thought there was something wrong with me. Haha it's ridiculous. Anxiety can get the best us, we have to try not to let it! 😉👍

  • I have done the same

  • Isn't this the same as you've posted many times already!

  • Noo never had the heartbeat thing before

  • "high heart rate, thud in the chest, bumpbump" aren't these all similar?

  • Similar by new and different. Abd still scary 😳

  • you shouldn't be scared of something that seems normal

  • Have you ever heard of anxiety?......

  • I'm trying to reassure you. As a fellow anxiety sufferer. Anxiety has ended my career and left me in a terrible place, suicidal, facing financial loss and imprisonment.

  • Ive had this many times after drinking. The body is likely dehydrated and out of whack. Drink plently of water and know that you are going to be just fine. Try and breath slowly and softly in and out for several minutes to calm the system. Worrying about the fast or forceful bests will just make it worse. Hope this helps you 🌷

  • If it really worries you and it continues, see your GP. I had a couple of episodes of tachycardia - with a very fast heart beat. It's not dangerous, but it is scary. If you have tachycardia, there is a medication to control it, which I am now taking and no more fast heart beats.

  • Well, it may be time for you to stop drinking. Head on straight to your psychiatrist and get on a treatment plan to help you manage your panic attacks. Remember each time you have one of those, your heart is being pushed close to its limits and it is possible to have a heart attack as a result. So that should serve as a good reason for you to ensure you get treatment and stay on treatment.

  • Yes, stopping the drinking is a must. I learned this the hard way in college. Alcohol can really ravage and disrupt your nervous system that is already struggling if you have anxiety. It also depletes the b vitamins, crucial for nerve health. Kobojunkie is right about seeing a doc to get the heart under control if it keeps happening.

  • I used to always have that. I used to dance to take my mind off things then relax and id be fine. Find something you enjoy to do to distract yourself

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