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Tooth extraction

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I have to get my tooth out on Monday and I’ve had a lot of anxiety around it.. now (with haven’t health anxiety) I’m scared the anastethic they give me to numb my mouth will cause a cardiac arrest or intefere some way with me :(

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you`ll be fine pick a spot in the room stare at it for as long as it takes and you`ll forget what`s happening around you.

It’s just I’m worried the local Anastasia can kill me

It won’t. I just had a tooth pulled and I have SVT. No heart attack or anything other than my own anxiety. I had a dental implant as well so I went back several times within a couple of weeks. All was fine.

You could ask for plain novacaine known as CARBO..It numbs the mouth but doesn't cause any anxious feelings

or rapid heart beat. Just a thought...your dentist is the best

judge in what's best for you. You're going to be okay. Breathe

Good Luck my friend... :) xx

Please don't worry, I spent months worrying because I had to have the same .. then last Thursday I knew I had to attend my appt as dentists now are like gold dust and I didn't want to lose mine.. I went there and had it done and so pleased I did, just practice breathing slowly and let the dentist dot heir job you will be fine I promise you :) xx

Anesthetic is pretty safe in general. I’m sure you’ll be fine. I would try to distract yourself this weekend so you don’t worry about it as much.

you will be fine, I am like you with health anxiety, Freaking out over everything, I recently had an incident where my mouth swoll up like a golf ball, which meant i had to go to the Dentist, I went; he gave me antibiotics to take for a week, so in that time frame until the day of extraction appointment I literally freaked out with all the what ifs. i worried and worried, you name it; it came into my head. Low and behold the morning of the appointment i started to cancel, as the swelling had gone down; so i thought hey i don't need to go, knowing full well i needed to. So i arrived on time and when my name was called, i wanted to run out of the door, but my feet led me to the chair. Anesthesia was given and i was talked to the whole time it was being administered. Guess what i didnt even know the tooth was out and i was wide awake, i guess i freaked for nothing, every part of my body that was clenched was now relaxed AND upon leaving I made appointments to have deep cleanings, its all good, Here is something to laugh at. I used to be a Dental Assistant and later an Xray Tech. sometimes knowledge is not power, Relax everything will be fine, don't think more into it,, the worst that could happen after your mouth is numb is you will dribble. take care and please let me know how it went with a BIG SMILE.


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