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Hi guys!!

So.. I’m losing my mind here. I do not see the point of going on if this carries on. My thoughts are taking me to such dark places I can’t handle it anymore! Does anyone else feel like they are going to die soon?!?! Feel afraid to live and also don’t see the point in doing anything?! Can’t see into the future as there feels like there won’t be one?!

Any replies would be appreciated so much.

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Hi, I've been feeling anxious for the last couple of hours today. Thoughts of dying and scared for living in life. But I want you to know that you're not the only one having feelings this way. I hope that we can just breathe and just let these thoughts pass. You seem like a good-hearted person and I appreciate you reaching out. I hope we can stay strong together. You are in my thoughts.

I’m sorry you are feeling this way. I have health related anxiety and I know it’s ROUGH when it goes on a uptick.. I try to tell myself “ this will pass” I get thoughts like “ I can’t go on feeling like I will die soon” but then I remember death is where my fear is .. so if I take my life that doesn’t make much sense! I’m not down playing how you feel at all I know anxiety is really hard and not many people around us understand… so I’m just sharing my thought process maybe it will help you 💛

How horribly distressing! I wish I could advise you, I can feel your pain. And, yes, I have felt exactly that way. Like a darkness coming forth. Maybe to me or worse, to a loved one. It's awful and difficult to describe to another. Thinking of you!

This post may help you understand and find a way of calming the

Hey. One day at a time.Don’t put pressure on yourself.

If you cant manage one day at a time then try half a day at a time and pat you’re self on the back that you made it through.

There is no magic cure but it’s mind over matter.

I believe in God, I believe we’re all here for a reason.

Some of us are facing trials and tests when others seem to be sailing through.

Just stay strong and know you have a community to hear you.

You’re never alone

You’re worth more than you give yourself credit for

You are special.

Take care

Idk how much help I could be of but I would really recommend meditation.

It's even helped me long after I stopped it (which I plan on starting again very soon.) it taught me an indispensable method to ease my bad/dark thoughts. Basically you need to stand back and watch these thoughts from afar as they float away from you as if they were clouds passing by. It's not only accepting that these thoughts exist in you and others but recognizing that those thoughts are just thoughts. That's it. They are not physical material beings that you can feel or that can hurt you.

This is what's helped me and I hope it can work for you. But first and foremost I would try to see a therapist if your situation permits.

Yes future always looks useless if you think about it, when you can't feel good about anything. But you can always fight. If you're dead you're done. As long as you're alive you can fight anything and everything. If you have nothing to lose you simply can't lose by fighting. Take it like a challenge even. I do it. There is a method you can try to "float" past your anxieties. If you pay too much attention and try to figure it out you feed it more fuel. You can't ignore it either. Here's the article that explains how to do it. I really hope it helps!

Develop a mentality that you're not going to lose to these ridiculous feelings. Become a fighter. Make yourself do things normal people are doing. And absolutely make sure to get enough or more than enough exercise. Convince yourself you're going to live for another 50 years easily and you're going to have to get over this thing at any cost. Anxiety can make you feel terrible and hopeless but that's all it can do. Slowly teach yourself to not be influenced by it so much, eventually it starts getting easier to get around it and look around it to better days. If these things didn't work, I wouldn't be here today. Trust me :)

You are not alone, a lot of us feel or have felt the same way you are feeling right now. Nothing lasts forever, and this feeling of dread that you feel won’t last forever. Try not to let these thoughts overwhelm you and know that you are not alone in this.

Did I just write this? You have read my mind. Unfortunately I have no words to help because I am going through the exact same thing.☹

Do you suffer from anxiety? X

Yes-anxiety, depression, sadness, loneliness. And I have been waiting to sell my house and business for YEARS now. I just couldn't wait! Well, it sold, and I am moving out on Sunday and am as lost and miserable as ever. It's like I don't know who I am anymore. I don't have a purpose. It's REALLY depressing knowing that the one thing I have been waiting for causes me stress and anxiety-no happiness whatsoever. Do you feel like that too? You are very young. Please fight your way out of this somehow. Don't let depression ruin your life like it has mine. What about a change of medication?

What type anxiety do you have if you don’t mind me asking? Also I’m not on medication but have had anxiety since 2015. Sometimes anything I see associated to my anxiety I think it’s a sign and my mind latches onto that thing. Does this happen to you? X

Not sure what you mean. Do you mean that when anxiety happens, I think it's something else? Like my heart or something? My anxiety is really bad in the mornings especially. As soon as my eyes open. My heart pounding, I'm shaking, and having a hard time breathing. Panic attacks.I have always had depression, but not always anxiety. Let me tell you-I'll take depression over anxiety ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!! The only thing that calms me down is Xanax. But as you probably know, the doctors are all trying to wean their patients off of any type of benzo because they say they are addicting. I'd say my severe anxiety started about a year and a half ago, due to many unfortunate things that happened in my life. I am FIGHTING for my Xanax, and no one wants to prescribe them anymore. My point is this-if you have a problem with your heart, you take heart medication, if you have high blood pressure, you take medication. So why, the one thing that actually HELPS ME, I can't have? I DON'T abuse them. I have NO quality of life feeling consistently anxious. That's NO WAY to live.Why aren't you on any kind of medication, if you don't mind me asking?

I’m not on any medication as I have heard they make you worse! And I mean say you are anxious about dying like me.. if I see something about it i will think it’s gonna happen to me and my mind will not forget about it!

Medication doesn't make you worse. Billions of people are on it and if you find the right one, they can greatly improve your life. My goodness, you are only 26 years old! Why or what happened that you have a fear of dying? Are you talking to a therapist about this?

No I’m not. I’m still waiting for therapy they said it’s around 8 months wait time. And I’ve had this feeling since I can remember but the last two weeks have been hell for me. It’s like the thought is just stuck! Hence why this post

So you have NEVER had therapy before? How can it be 8 months wait time?!

No I haven’t, it’s my fault for leaving it so long and now it’s got to this point. It’s a first come first serve

Isn't there another therapist that you can find? Here in the U.S., there are so many sites you can search for a therapist. One is You can search by zip code and insurance. And even if the therapists aren't even in your area, it's all virtual anyway, since Covid. You don't even have to go to their office.

I’m based in London and you have to wait in the list untill they have availability

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your anxiety lessens. A lot of people on here recommend breathing techniques and meditation.

I know exactly what you are feeling about Xanax. I was pretty stable for many years because I took a half of 0.5 Xanax every day and I only took more if I was having a serious attack. I know they say, it is all psychological but when I was taking Xanax I could cope with my life and day-to-day stress. I wasn't living my life like I am now...scared to death. My psychiatrist moved away and his replacement doc was a woman who said I was too young to be on Xanax. Within 2 years I developed invasive breast cancer and no one can tell me that it had nothing to do with my life being a pure hell for 2 years without any relief, just suffering every day with uncontrollable anxiety that hasn't stopped. I am very sorry for what you have been going through. I am exactly the same and I know the feeling. Thank you for your post! It made me feel like someone else can relate to what I am going through. God bless!

Thank you for your response. That is such terrible news. ☹How are you feeling now? Is the cancer in remission? I assume no doctor has put you back on Xanax?

Unfortunately, I had to have a mastectomy a few months ago and that has caused me a lot of extra anxiety about my health and the future because there is still no guarantee I won't get some other type of cancer. No, no one has prescribed me Xanax or anything close to it. All I can do is just take things one day at a time. I've found some support here on the forum because people are willing to listen and cheer you up, give you some advice and make you not feel so alone with your problems. 🙏 Thank you for your reply and I hope you are doing okay with what you are dealing with in your life.

Thank you. I am so sorry for what you are going through.I wish you peace and healing.🙏

Thank you, the same to you.

Thank you so much.

You can fight it too, age has nothing to do with anxiety or depression. Hope you're taking meds if you need it. I highly recommend reading about Stoicism. It helps me. Must develop a nothing to lose mentality. We can't die everyday while we are just fine. You talk about purpose. Big personalities in the past all said helping people and being of service to others is the only purpose that makes sense in the end. We are all supposed to find meaning in helping others. You must look into it. Start forgetting your problems and start helping others. Start little. It does something to your brain and mind. Our brains are always reshapable, retrainable, anyway we want. You just have to start and keep at it. If you're dead you're dead. It can only happen once. Think about all that and watch this guy's videos. They will help. There are other channels too.

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