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Hate being a wife and mother it's really wearing on me .

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Hey yall

Does anyone know if insurance will pay for a marriage consular? I need one bad I'm a stay at home mom that doesn't enjoy being married or being a mother anymore because lack of help from husband .

I've been very down lately and overwhelmed and he doesn't even want to set down at talk with me about it

Can some one let me know if they have been through and came out on the good side of things

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Hi Vicky, It depends on your insurance. However, if your husband won't even sit downand talk with you, what makes you think he would go to a counselor? Many men don't

like airing their marital problems to a stranger (trained counselor or not)

If I were you, I would still go to a counselor/therapist for your own well being.

The feelings you have aren't good for you or your girls. Being a mother is an extremely

difficult job 24/7. Most of the time going unrewarded. Maybe you need a break from

time to time. Treat yourself or go to lunch with a friend.

One day before you can even blink an eye, the girls will be grown, the house will be quiet and

you will have all the time you want to just be you. I hope things get addressed and get better real soon. I wish you well. :) xx

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Vicky810 in reply to Agora1

You’re totally correct about that , I guess wishful thinking 😫

I on my own will go see someone . Cause I really need some help in this house it’s wearing down on me pretty bad .

Thank you for responding

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Agora1 in reply to Vicky810

I totally understand dear. Meanwhile, we are here on this safe site to at least vent your frustrations and talk with other women.

I've always thought of mothers being like the CEO of a large corporation except

for the fact that we are responsible for every department in the home. We don't

get vacation or sick days. We are on call 24/7. As if our job isn't demanding

enough in running the home, raising children in this day and age is overwhelmingly

stressful. The demands pulling you in all directions.

Yes, I truly believe it's time for you to seek professional help. After all, if mama

isn't happy, then no one is lol Sad but true. We're here for each other :) xx

So true. I really appreciate you speaking to me you don’t even know how much that little bit helped me tonight 🙏🏾

I’m so happy someone else understands.

And I know my feeling aren’t healthy for me or my family .

That’s why I’m reaching out for help thought I would be able to get that help from my husband. But in all actuality I think he thinks I’m over reacting .

And it’s sad because I tell him that I need him to not just only bring home the bacon but I actually need him to be the “Head of the house “

Instead of me running it by myself

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Agora1 in reply to Vicky810

If not anything else Vicky, this forum gives you an opportunity to play outwhat you already know. You took your first step forward tonight.

You are never alone with your thoughts or feelings. I enjoyed talking with you

tonight. I'm calling it a day but will be on tomorrow. You're going to be okay.

Believe in that.

Wishing you a Goodnight. :) xx

Hi it's not enough for many women to be just a wife and mother because often you lose yourself in the the needs of others.

You need a place to be just Vicky again and look after your own needs as well. Would it be possible for you to work part time maybe? Or if you have friends can you get time out to see them? Everyone has needs of their own and yours clearly aren't being met.

Does your husband make a good living and do "guy" things around the house. You know, change the oil on the car, mow the lawn, fix things....????

Hi Vicky, I'm so sorry you're feeling this way and I do empathize with you. Being a mom and a wife is one of the most rewarding roles anyone can have but from my own experience I know it can also have it's own challenges.

I'm not sure about the insurance question but I do know first hand how beneficial individual and marriage counseling was for me and also my husband when we were going through a difficult time in our marriage

With the individual counseling, being able to talk to someone who was impartial and was there to help you process what you're going through and help you move forward was great for me!

Marriage counseling was also very much needed for myself and my H and I have to say going through it together and both of us being committed helped us to begin to 'see the light at the end of the tunnel' and I'm grateful that we did come out on the good side of things.

If you're interested I do know a wonderful organization that provides marriage counseling for couples and the first telephone consultation is free. Let me know if you want the website details and I can message it to you.

I do hope all works out for the best for you and your family xx.

Sorry to hear Vicky their are resources available free not sure about you're area copy paste this web site free helpopencounseling.com/hotlines-us available hope you get reunited find comfort and support

Dear Vicky,

Insurance varies so I can’t answer the question about a counselor. But you can check out this list of referrals at bit.ly/2VQhOVo and see if they can help you find one that can meet your needs. I hope that you get the help you need.

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