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Anxiety is killing me had ambulance out can’t stop shaking it was outside and inside now it’s just like inside what to do xx

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What did the ambulance say hun xxx

Sending u hugs 🤗🤗🤗

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to xsor

Anxiety love my heart was ok they rung the crisis team to speak to me and they said I could have 2antihistamines instead of one , had 2 done nothing xxx

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xsor in reply to Jimmyluke55

Ah god love u hun xxxx

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to xsor

Thanks love xx

I went through a month of melt down .... full body twitching .... adrenaline surging ... aches and pains. Just laid on floor in fetal position. Fearful because I didn't know what is was or what was causing it.

After a doctor told me I was in a cycle of extreme anxiety ... he gave me Ativan to break the cycle. I was on that for 8 weeks or so. During that time, I studied everything I could about anxiety. Discovered that it loves 'fear', but it will not hurt you. It's really a paper tiger. The less attention you pay to it .... the more it fades into the background.

It doesn't like it when you educate yourself and discover its secrets that keep you in its control. Once you gain that knowledge .... you're on the way to healing and putting it behind you.

Ok love thanks for that xx

but how do you gain control over it. I keep telling myself it won't hurt me but it never stops me mentally checking for symptoms which fuels it. And how can you stop paying attention to it when it makes you feel so ill?

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to Jefner

I can’t it’s killing me woke up this morning shaking exhausted don’t know what to do anymore xx

Same. I can relate.I feel like the intensity of my panic attacks is less and also not as often. The time of panic also subsides quicker.

I also educated myself and read a lot about anxiety and panic attacks.

Hopefully soon my brain can no longer care about them nor react to them. As we know anxiety is a normal thing for every human being.

The goal is to have the Anxiety back to normal levels any average person would have.

I would shake a lot too,inside and calms down when you do but even 40 years on I can feel like I am shaking inwardly.Just accept it now and carry on through the day, it is not fatal.In fact the best thing is to move as much as possible,and you notice it less.

Ok love I’ll try xx

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Jefner in reply to ladyyacht

i have had mine 40yrs on and off but it's severe again. How the heck do you take control, I have tried everything over the years and the Covid crap has just made me a lot worse to the point where I am scared to go out again because of the awful symptoms

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to Jefner

Me too love scared to go out feel terrible xx

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ladyyacht in reply to Jefner

I have found taking prescribed propranalol slow release capsules definately helps.I have not experienced any noticable side effects...I have had them for years with anxiety related blood pressure and they help with relaxing me , without making me sleepy. There are several different doses but I like the slow release and just take 160mg 1 a day.

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Jefner in reply to ladyyacht

i have one each morning

I forgot to say I am on slow release propanalol, which is a beta blocker and helps with anxiety, particularly the shaking...have been on it for years and have not noticed any sid effects.

Can’t take it love got asthma xx

no you are right, you can't take it with ashtma....sorry.

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