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About The Coronavirus Vaccine.

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Since Friday when I got The Coronavirus Pfizer Vaccine.

Starting Saturday I just have not been able to Stop Vomiting, Having Diarrhea, Severe Body Ache’s, Week, And ETC.

Not sure what to do?

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Please give your doctor a call or a visit.

We are not able to advise on side effects of the vaccine.

Everyone reacts differently but this seems a little severe.

Please follow up with a professional. I wish you well :) xx

Hydrate and rest

Check with your md.

Symptoms can last a few days but you need replenish your system

Been But Everything Is Just Coming Up.

Then you need to call your md

As Usual He Never Got Back To Me.

Keep calling. If you can't stay hydrated it's concerning

I received my first Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday. Was fine until Friday started with diarrhea ( I have etametaphobia (sp)) so I don't vomit. On Saturday I was full blown Fibro Flare, in bed crying taking Tylenol and drowning in ice water to combat dehydration. Sunday was much of the Same. Monday I was starting to notice the pain leaving my head and arms and was centered in my legs radiating from the knees. I had a fever if 100 last night which I didn't have a fever at all since the shot. Took my Tylenol went to bed woke up this morning and I feel 80% better. Still a slight headache in my eyes, but other than that I feel like the birds are chirping and I can breathe again. Hydrate, pain relievers and a call to your doctor to check in and you should be fine. Dreading the next one but it is what it is. If you have any underlying conditions it will amplify them 100000%. Good luck, hope this helped. Gentle hugs 🤗🤗

Almost The Same Thing With Me But I Had Extreem Chill’s.

I Think I’m Just Dehydrated Now. I Might Need I.V. Fluid’s.

Get some Gatorade or pedialyte. But yes if you pinch your skin on the back of you hand and it stays spiked up and slowly goes back to flat you need an IV. Drink a glass of water with a tsp. Of salt and that should also help in a quick pinch too. The chills weren't as bad as the muscle ache and tension that's what knocked me on my butt. I hope by the fifth day like me your system snaps out of it. I take Tylenol 500mg once in the morning and once at night and that was enough to make it bareable. Good luck and gentle hugs 🤗🤗

I Don’t Like Gaterade But When I Pinched My Skin, It Was Soft.

Sorry, I Don’t Know What Spike Mean’s.

Then you aren't to dehydrated. Powerade and sports drink that puts electrolytes back in. A peak is like you pinch it and it stays pinched instead of returning to flat skin. Usually looks crepe. Also if your tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth or you can't make a spit was to swallow. No tears these are all reasons to need an IV. If you can keep fluid down it's and ounce every 15 minutes so as not to upset your stomach. Sounds like we are both on the mend. If you don't feel like something is off don't hesitate to go to the ER safe is better than sorry!! Gentle hugs 🤗🤗

I Have The Tongue Issue.

Sometime’s When I Go To The ER For Dehydration. The I.V. Fluid’s Alway’s Work But Right Now I’m Trying To Avoid Going To The ER Because In January When I Went For Chronic Pain. By Ambulance. They Made Everybody Sit In The Waiting Room. I Had To Wait Hour’s.A Nerve Of Putting People Out In The Waiting Room When Coming By Ambulance?

Did you talk to your doctor yet about possibly needing an IV to hydrate you? Some times visiting nurses can come put it in and let in run. I don't know where you are but I know we have that service. If you can keep liquid down and the vomiting has subsided I would pound ice water or sports drink. But if the vomiting is still present it has been too long please go to the ER. I agree that is terrible to leave ambulance patients in the lobby. You can call the ER and ask how busy or the wait time and they can give you an idea. My symptoms are minimal my headache is gone and the flare has subsided. Just getting back my bowels been on kefir with a banana blended in, seems to be helping. Good luck and gentle hugs 🤗🤗

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No tsp of salt please its excessive .

With Ice Water Or What?

Taking 1 tsp of salt in 1 time is not healthy. Buy some pedialyte

Hi .I noticed in your post you mentioned emetaphobia ,a fear of vomiting .I have had this since I was 9 I am now 62...are you on any medication for it ? X

I haven't vomitted since I was 4 and aspirated. Scared me. I don't take medicine for it I use breathing techniques. I think that is some of my anxiety sometimes.

I also haven't vomited since I was 9 ,I go out of my way to avoid it ,I have not experienced nausea either ...I am very careful in cooking meat etc ,has to be burnt lol so I don't get food poisoning.can I ask how old you are ?


I Was Talking About From Pfizer Vaccine.

I Also Suffer From Gastroparesis, Acid Reflux, And Headache’s.

i would check with health care provider if you are still ill and can't get through to your doc i would go to er or urgent care

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nkotbjoeymc in reply to fib4

Still Kind Of I Seem To Be Getting Better Slowly.

Report your reactions to VAERS, please email info@VAERS.org or call 1-800-822-7967.

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nkotbjoeymc in reply to Niki_

Thank You My Friend.

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