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Chest pain

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So I’ve been getting chest pain more regularly literally near enough constant for a few days now, with me having my 24hr ecg, my age of 21 and the numerous tests I’ve had in the past I still am unsure why I get the pains that I do... I literally do nothing for them to come on it’s so crazy and hard to think it’s anxiety doing this, l my results were normal, I can’t think of anything else that would cause this. I can’t enjoy anything in my life because it’s constantly there like what do I do to get rid of it? It’s impossible and I hate it so much... I see people living a normalish life going out drinking enjoying their life, and I can’t and it upsets me, I’m unsure of what to do everyday

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Could be gas? I was having chest pain and took a Gas-X seemed to help. Anxiety does cause chest pain though. It’s normal

Don’t fall into the trap of letting health anxiety take over your life. You have recognised that this is probably anxiety and that’s a good sign as you can distinguish between chest pain and mental health. You’ve had the tests which I’m presuming were ok 👍 that’s fab now you need advice on how to move on? Stop comparing yourself to others, yes you see others your age having fun etc but they could be better at hiding their problems that’s all. Do you have a good friend you can talk to about your worries health or otherwise? Learn to laugh about your health anxiety, look up anxiety symptoms so you are prepared when they rear their ugly head. Health anxiety does not go overnight, it will be with you for a long time so don’t fight it but embrace it and learn to live with this condition. You are not alone, there are many of us fighting this and here to help, I’m sorry if my advice sounds harsh but I wish I had someone tell me all this when I was at my worst. Take a break from social media and look after yourself, it’s ok to not be ok sometimes 😊

But can it be near enough constant, with other symptoms even when your relaxing etc

If it’s in your mind it can be whenever your mind wants it to be. Are you anxious about anything at the mo?

No, nothing at all that’s why I don’t understand it

Have you had all the tests at drs and they’ve come back fine? Your worries don’t have to be health related could be new job etc Have you had a chat with your GP about your chest pain/anxiety?

Have u been test for h pylori bacteria I had constant chest pain along with some other symptoms after heart tests came bk fine I was tested for this and I was positive it causes chest pain

Is that bacteria issue resolved? What about the symptoms? Thanks in advance...

U have to take 2 types of antibiotics plus a stomach acid lowering tablet I still have symptoms after treatment but not as severe I handed in another stool sample weeks ago but doc never called with the results so I assume it was negative because when I done the first test they called within 3 days to say it was positive

I had chest pain right in the centre I also get heartburn plus I need to burp more frequently

Hi anxietymadman123,

I know I’m a little late here, but I believe I understand exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been experiencing this myself for months now. I’m 46 and have had issues with palpitations and chest pain for most of this year. I’ve been checked out by 3 cardiologists and had a trip to the ER in July.

It’s exactly as you describe, I am not consciously worrying a out anything, but the pain will come on or stay on for seemingly no reason.

And I also get envious of other people who seem to go about life normally without a care while I’m feeling like my ticket is going to be punched soon.

Things that have been helping me: turning back to God and seeking a better relationship with him. I’m seeing a therapist now, which is difficult for me as I live in Germany and although my therapist speaks really good English, there’s still a communication gap sometimes.

I agree, it can be so difficult to just believe anxiety and the brain can cause all this. But on the days where I truly believe that’s the case, it usually hurts less than when I allow the anxiety to be in control. It can be hard to let the rational side of the brain run the show sometimes.

Just keep at it every day and slowly make changes and it does improve. It has been for me. Though sometimes it’s 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

If you ever just want to talk, shoot me a message. I think talking helps a lot.

I’ve also turned to prayer etc I think it helps

Late here as well, but I also have chest pain regularly when anxiety rears it's head. It is scary and hard to get your mind on anything else. I'm older than you and have a Cardiologist. You might want to see one to put your mind at ease (at least a little). It's hard to embrace chest pain as part of our anxiety, but there it is. The more you resist the pain, fear it and dislike it the worse it will get (that's how it works for me). The heart is our emotional center and it needs care and compassion. Those are hard to throw at pain in our chest; however, we do it when we've broken a leg or sprained an ankle. Why should our heart (a muscle) be any different? It's not a quick fix. Like any muscle that is stressed, it takes time to return to normal.

Has it gotten any better for you? I’m experiencing this right now

Some days good some days bad, for a while it’s not been to bad but still regular especially when I’m walking I feel it in my back and arm then

You think it could be acid reflux or GERD

I’ve loterally started tablets this weekend from doctors as they said the same

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