Scared of my Birthday ?!

hey guys,

This is is my first time posting to a anxiety forum. I consider myself to have health anxiety that started at the beginning of last month. I had surgery last month on the 27th to reconstruct my torn ACL. I was supposed to have the surgery earlier on the 6th but I ended up getting sick the day of and they sent me back. After I got rid of that sickness I got a case pneumonia which was super rough. On top of that I started having this feeling like I couldn't breathe by myself and instead was forced to do it manually,which is when my health anxiety started. After my surgery I got the chest pains which freaked me out and I searched a lot stupid things on Google and I almost convinced myself I was gonna have a aortic dissection or a blood clot that will give PE. I feel like Im getting better but my birthday is tomorrow and idk why but the feeling of having something medically wrong with me is now at a all time high, like my body was waiting for something super bad to happen to me on my birthday. I know that it sounds ridiculous but idk this health anxiety makes me feel like a whole different person. Thanks for reading I'm sure some of if doesent make much sense I'm just so done with feeling like there is this imminent doom coming to me


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  • Hi Premium42, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. With all that has happened to you it's not unusual for you to now have Health Anxiety. I wouldn't think your doctor would agree for you to Google your symptoms :) . That really is a no no for anxiety prone people. But to wipe the slate clean, let's celebrate your birthday as a new year and a new start to feeling better. Leave the doom and gloom behind. We are all here to support each other. You have found a forum of caring and understanding men and woman of all ages who are going through the different stages of anxiety prone issues. Tomorrow is your special day, I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday Premium42.......

  • Hi sunshine, I can identify with some of your experience. I had an emergency operation on 28th June. My bowel perforated, my surgeon told me afterwards he removed an abcess the size of a rugby ball along with a lot of my bowel. I now have a colostomy bag. I also got a pleural effusion, my left lung filled with fluid making it difficult for me to breath. I was in hospital for 3 weeks, just before I came home they drained off a litre and a half of fluid. What I didn't realise was my lung was still half full of fluid. When I came home my severe anxiety started!! Crying, panicking, worded of all not being able to breath properly. Hospital works on fixing your body but your mind gets left to its own devices. You need a lot of support and I know talking helps sometimes.i felt a nuisance to my partner and my doctor!! But I knew I had to try help myself. I started walking up and down our garden to start with. I'm sure my neighbours thought I was demented!! When I felt strong enough I went for a walk around a field near to us. I searched constantly for ways to help myself. I listen to hypnotherapy and as soon as I start feeling anxious I distract my self. My anxiety is getting better, I could feel it coming on last night but managed to fight it off.what upsets me so much is how many people are suffering and so little help for them. Thank goodness we can talk here because you feel so alone with it. Hope you feel better soon, try excercise as it does make your mind feel better🙏🏻 anaesthetic and the drugs they give you also mess with your head. Much love to you 😀

  • I hope you a terrific birthday today. Do something to celebrate you!

  • Thanks for the replies guys, so far I'm having a great birthday and haven't had any fear creep up on me

  • Hey, that's great!

  • Hello

    I have read your replies and cannot add anymore advise but wanted to say as I read down and saw you said you have really enjoyed your BD I was so pleased and Happy Birthday to you :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you!

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