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Just me again .. alll day Iv been having chest pain been trying not to think about it but it’s so hard my minds Non stop I constantly am worrying like why has these pains in my chest not gone.. I know it’s probably nothing to do with my heart but just so hard to believe it I’m so so fed up crying so much from feeling like this constantly what have I done so wrong in life to deserve this , does anyone have chest pain constantly? I do appreciate everyone that supports me means a lot I hope everyone on this site overcomes there fears one day. I love you all xxx

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Kaaayla, you did nothing wrong in life to have anxiety. So many people have anxiety. Anxiety can certainly stretch muscles when you're anxious you get tense and once you relax your muscles you'll relax too in your overthinking stinkin" thinkin' and the pain goes away.

What do you do to relax? Try activities to keep you focused. This way stinkin'thinkin'goes away. Listening to music, drawing, crafts, texting a friend, things like that. That helps step on the anxiety and refocus you. I can help you learn meditation and some yoga by giving you some names of great people on YouTube that are really good that I use too. It's all about steady breathing and relaxing your body and the good thing is there's a lot of ways to get there.

I give you a lot of credit because you had the courage to come to this forum asking for help. That takes a lot of strength and courage. That's a big step toward feeling better and getting a better handle on your anxiety. That makes you so awesome among other things too 🙌😊

You can always text me, I'm here.


Kaaayla in reply to Luna_Child

I know just feel like I’m getting shooting pains in my heart .. weird feeling! I try ring someone to get my mind of it but never really goes away the worry x

Pamziepam in reply to Kaaayla

I know, I really feel for you because I had it for years as I said before. Doctors used to shout at me because I wouldn’t listen that it wasn’t my heart. I’m glad to se you are starting to accept that this is the case for you also. I used to sit in my room alone scared to move sometimes. Anti inflammatories work sometimes... I remember once I was out shopping and got the pain right over my heart and a crowd gathered around me... sooo embarrassing lol xx

Kaaayla in reply to Pamziepam

I know today I went to a cancer centre was outside waiting for mum. But I felt myself getting chest pains it was awful in my head I kept saying “don’t panic don’t panic I can’t not where I am” it’s just so hard man MY BRAIN IS NON STOP so drained from it I took 400mg of ipurofen haven’t helped still got chest pain .. x

Agora1 in reply to Kaaayla

Kaaayla, the ibuprofen didn't work because the chest pain didn't come from a

physical cause but rather an emotional one. An anti-anxiety medication would

have helped. (not without your doctor's order) :) xx

Luna_Child in reply to Agora1

Exactly. It came from anxiety. Check your messages. 😊

Pamziepam in reply to Kaaayla

Read up on costochondritis and google other people’s experiences with it. That may help x

I used to wonder the same. Trust me one day it will just disappear!! Mine did. You should ask your doctor to investigate to see if you have any connective tissue disorder... x

Kaaayla in reply to Pamziepam

Well I hope one day it will disappear and I’m still here! I know I have told him he said over the phone it probs nothing diagnosing over phone x

Hi, Kaaayla, I know how you feel, I had chest pain not long after lock down & ended up at A&E & had blood tests & ECG’s which showed that there was nothing wrong with my heart. The Doctor said that stress can cause chest pain & it calmed me down. There is also a condition where the ribs can get inflamed after a virus which causes chest pain. Can’t remember the name of it but it goes away eventually. I don’t know if you have had a check up but if not maybe you should just to put your mind at rest. Hope this helps.x

You are going through an awful lot in your life acknowledge that.

I have been telling myself all week that if only the weird sensations and pain would go away I could believe I was not ill, then I realised that if these pains went away I would find some more...ive been for an ovary scan, a gall bladder and liver scan, a bowel screen, a chest x ray , a spine xray, various blood tests, urine tests in the last 3 months! because it is important to get checked out!!

Like you I am so fed up with myself. 4 different doctors have independently told me they think my brain is interpreting ordinary things wrongly and that is perfectly possible....remember the case of the man with the spike through .his foot.

I am not saying I can do it or would expect you to...but just you are not alone.

Do you have any other symptoms other than chest pain sounds weird but do you burp alot or have stomache or bloating x

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