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I had what I guess you could call an anxiety breakthrough!


So a week ago I graduated from high school. Super stressful process getting there because of covid and cancellations that happened the day before, but I did it!

I had always imagined that during my graduation my anxiety would be through the roof. I imagined I would have the shaky hands, shaky body, difficulty breathing, excessive sweating and stomach problems. However, I had none of those!

I was super anxious, no doubt about it but my physical symptoms were no where near as bad as they usually are.

We have to walk out of a tunnel into the full gymnasium at graduation and I was worried that my adrenaline would surge as soon as I walked out and saw the crowd. But I hardly felt anything. Even walking across the stage the only thing I felt was slight shakiness in my hands. So much better than what normally happens.

So what I’ve learned is that if I’m genuinely excited about something, as I was for graduation, then my anxiety takes a break. It’s been a while since I’ve genuinely looked forward to something so maybe I’m onto something. I just wanted to share because I feel like this was a huge thing and I’m excited at what it could mean.

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Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈 That’s a really big step. I’m sure you’re gonna look back on that day with fond memories 🙂

That’s great!! And congratulations on graduating!! 🥳

Congratulations on both the graduations and the happiness feeling.

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