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Insomnia making anxiety worse!!


I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past couple nights. Last night got 3.5 hrs of sleep. So tonight I had hoped I’d pass out no problem. That wasn’t the case. So I broke a 10 mg tab of melatonin in half and took it in hopes it would help. Now worried about possible drug interactions as I take 5 mg of citalopram in the morning everyday. I need sleep I know it’s the lack of it making my anxiety worse but I’m freaking out.

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Hey my friend, I totally understand you! But it’s gonna be ok. I actually take Olly gummies you can buy at Target and it really helps me relax. I too can’t sleep with my mind running and it’s chills me out. Not too overpowering though. I’ve taken escitalopram as well but got higher dosage of Zoloft due to my severe anxiety. So I understand you so much with the lack of sleep bc it really does affect me too and my anxiety worsens when I’m not fully rested.

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