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Panic Disorder Recovery! Please read


Hey everyone! Wanted to suggest that those dealing with panic disorder, check out That Anxiety Guy’s website and podcasts which I listen to daily, which he regularly posts on , you can find his podcast on your podcast App that your smartphone comes with, I personally like the podcast and YouTube videos, because listening helps me engage better instead of reading . I will tell you that he speaks the hard unpleasant truth and makes you take hard look at what you’re doing to recover from this, but it’s something we all need, and to stop coddling ourselves and being coddled by other whether in your personal life or forums. Because coddling only makes your world smaller and smaller until all you can do is look outside your window or have to have a safe person with you everywhere you go because you no longer think you’re the safe person and can’t leave the house which is not okay AT ALL, and no one should live like that. He gives great tips on how to do exposure therapy the right way, and goes into detail about everything. If anyone has questions or wants to talk I’m all ears!!

Also check out the link here it talks about the Amygdala which is the biggest role in panic attacks and fear, and how to reverse it using neuroplasticity

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Thank you for sharing

Oooooo yes, this guy helped me so much. Highly recommend

in reply to Chilout

I like how he’s straightforward to the point!

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