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So my bloody anxiety is back with vengeance. I have constant lump in throat / chest , at times I feel as my chest is going to just close up , wierd feelings in throat/chest , constantly checking pulse , stopping in my tracks to take my pulse and listen to my heart if it’s not missing beats . My mind at night is driving me insane , it just won’t stop 🛑. I do have xanax as a PRN but I don’t want to take it all the time .

I’m dazed most of the time , lightheaded and just feel like shit !!!

Anything please 🤞🙏

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I am the same way. You are not alone 🤕

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I have the same thing, literally all the time a constant lump, sometimes it makes me gag, it’s terrible 😭 after awhile I started putting a rice sock on my neck (put rice in a sock and you can heat in the microwave) because I felt like my neck muscles contributed to it and it helped immensely!

I have a similar thing that happens to me, not every night. But I get neck and shoulder pain, and I sometimes feel like I have an air lock in my stomach and I can't breathe, it freaks me out, and I sometimes have to resort to a diazepam, but like you I try not to. I suffer with constipation too, which I feel is due to holding myself with rigid muscles all day long, don't know how to relax, but the constipation probably Contributes to my air lock feeling.

It all sounds confusing I know, it's why I've given up with doctors now, had many tests but my symptoms are too complicated I've been told!!

Omg, I literally have every single symptom you talked about, do you also worry about getting that airlock feeling when you need to use the toilet? Because I sure as hell do.

Oh yes, I certainly do.

I'll suddenly feel an air lock type feeling in my stomach when I need to use the loo. It's like I'm out of control it makes me feel nauseated and panicky... Its crazy, this is a normal function.

I've today been looking at shallow breathing and swallowing air, it's interesting.... To be honest I feel like I've been going mad as I said my symptoms don't add up to a doctor and so I am suffering in silence.

This air locking feeling is quite scary as sometimes I feel like I can't breathe and I get a sinking feeling....

How does it affect you.... I'm strangely glad that I have made you feel not alone with this, if you get my meaning!

Yes I feel you so much, I get the feeling of going mad too when a doctor doesn’t understand my symptoms. It somehow makes me worry that I have an undiscovered disease. However, keep in mind that Anxiety is hella good at making up crazy horrifying symptoms that most doctors can never understand or explain, and that are worse than any symptoms of any disease. Even when I am not constipated, when I use the toilet, it just makes my breathing super hard to the point I would think that it stopped and so nausea creeps in after, you know that “omg” feeling? It really puts a traumatizing effect on me. I really hope we both find a way out of that x

I think the thing is, with your last statement, is to not freak out when the breathing episode starts when you need the toilet. I try to think now, that this always seems to make me feel like this, but I have always been ok. It's just another anxiety symptom that I have latched on to.

I'll keep you updated!!

Oh yes and forgot to say, the nausea creeps in on me too!

Yeah 100% it’s an anxiety symptom coz think about it, every single time it happened to you, you ended up being fine afterwards! I’m just hoping that we both find a way out of this suffering soon. Thanks, hope you are doing well these days x

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Omg this is me . Thankyou as I don’t feel as bad but doesn’t stop the constant checking 😞

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Or thinking!!


Your not alone. My mind at night drives me insane! The constant checking of your heart will fade in time. I used to check my BP at least 10 times a day I was obsessed. I haven’t checked now for weeks. Yep anxiety is a real hard one to beat.

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Yeah when my heart beats strangely, I always stop to put my hand over my chest and check, which is a bad idea because anxiety makes me fear the simple pauses between each heartbeat, makes me think that “omg my heart stopped” when really it’s beating normally. I’m glad to know that I am not alone, I don’t know how to thank that one doctor at the ER much more for showing me this website.

Yep it stops me in my tracks

Hi:) i take small chips of xanax with my lexapro. The lexapro is helping me tremendously. I used to panic about my heart rate, racing thoughts, traffic, being in public.... I finally feel normal...balanced. I take a 1/4 of a .5 xanax when i feel irritable. If i take too much, i fall asleep. Try a little chip and see if that works, if not you should see a doctor and try another anxiety rx. Hope this helps.xo

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Omg I have the same exact problem, I always worry that I am going to die in my sleep or that my breathing will stop throughout the day. You are not alone ;-;

I’ve been there, for years.. lately it comes in waves then I’m “normal”. From my experience, things that have helped was distractions. Those ..I set in place..so I wouldn’t be overly obsessing over those exact things you described and other things that I deemed something to worry over.

I distracted myself with journaling my anxious thoughts and actions , later on after I finished , I was calmer. I also found joy in painting and drawing. I also do guided meditation, instead of simply having mediation music because I wasn’t at a place to fully let my mind be calm, it would still wander then I’d be thinking about those things you described.

So, yeah something where you’re relaxed but still keep busy , like drawing or writing or guided meditation...or maybe even play a computer game, something fun not scary or really action packed, maybe The Sims lol. You want a balance of being relaxed and also busy. My health Anxiety is still a thing but I’m trying to handle it much better than before , my wallet is also counting on it...all those medical bills 🤦🏽‍♀️ because I thought something was going on.

I’m in the same boat people look at me like I’m crazy for when I check my pulse Andy head feels weird like super light freaks me out I hate it 😭 u are not alone

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