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obsessive thoughts


Has anyone been obsessing over the fact that they feel off and just like they might die? I've been feeling this way on and off for the past 5 hours... it's driving me crazy. The right side of my head was throbbing.

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I have been feeling the same way girl. The left side of my head is throbbing and heart won't stop racing :/

inbox me please

All the time. Part of the anxiety

Deff part of Anxiety, try and talk yourself out of it, try the grounding exercise. Doyouhave any nemed for rough times like this? Have you felt this before? Hang In there, it will pass

The headaches are new due to their frequency and the fstigue is new too.

First of all, I understand the torment that you are dealing with .

My obsessive thoughts lasted much longer than 5 hours. Mine lasted for months. In fact for all most a year I thought everyday for sure that I was dying from cancer and before that I thought for sure that I had ALS and was gonna die. So I can relate to that kind of torment and it's awful .

Do you have these thoughts because your head is throbbing or is your head throbbing due to those thoughts ?

My head starts throbbing and then I get the thoughts. Then I obssess over these thoughts and my headaches get worse and I'll have a general ill feeling.

Anxiety can be very insidious and obsessing is indicative of anxiety. Try to be very conscious that your fear is not causing the headaches. Anxiety causes tension and tension causes headaches and the obsessing causes you're throbbing to exacerbate. Master your fear and you will be free from obsessing. It can be achieved without using medication.

This has been my experience from a life time of suffering with anxiety and depression. I am 54 years old . My anxiety started in grade school I went on medication in my 30's for major depression which relieves anxiety and obsessing. . But in my younger years I could defeat my anxiety with my mind power by conquering my fears. It was only after I lost my 26 year old daughter did all my anxiety and depression heightened to the point where mind power or medication is not helping.

All my best to you and I hope by sharing my experience can help you in any way. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Any special techniques or things that helped conquer this anxiety,

For me - what I did was every time a scary or negative or even a symptom broke though and back than I felt breathless and felt as if I was going to faint and believed I must have a heart problem or something wrong with my lungs. Than one day I looked at my anxiety as a monster and realized the more I gave into the fear I was feeding the monster and the monster got bigger and was it was taking over my life and if I didn't feed the monster it would stave and die. So I stooped feeding the monster by ignoring my symptoms and telling myself when I got the thought that I was sick. I would say to myself " don't go there " Than I got busy doing things, and every time I had a symptom ' I said again " don't go there " and over time all my symptoms and fear went away and I used the same method every time though out the years and every time it worked. But Now that I am older so many life events has beaten me down and I am much weaker and the death of my daughter tossed me over the edge.

So I hope my testimony can help you.

Yes I'm feeling that way right now actually. I feel like I can't catch my breath and have weird aches and pains all over from my neck to my chest. I feel like I could just pass out and die at any second. I know it's anxiety and I'm just trying to get a hold of it soon.

I'm sorry that you're dealing with it. Mine has been getting more frequent.

I have health anxiety and you must distract your self from the thoughts

Get a check up ,deep breathing you will be fine I get like that often x


hi Katie how's the rest of your body feeling if its the same then get to your nearest hospital to have yourself checked out please. let me know how you get on take care your friend Alan xx

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The hospital will just put me on iv's and tell me it's anxiety.

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