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Have you ever taken alprazolam (Xanax?

How do you feel about being on Xanax. I got admitted in hospital Saturday and just got out thru afternoon. My asthma was bad but doctor says I have panic attacks as well so he prescribe them for me. It relax me so well and also make me sleepy have anymore feels like it makes u comfortable as well. But how do you not make it a long term medications how do you ease of knowing your in control of your anxiety

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I have a prescription for Xanax. The doctor told me to take 3 a day and they are 1mg each. In my opinion that is far too much. As it is I have had this same bottle for ages as I only take .25mg (one pill cut in 4 pieces) when I am extraordinarily anxious so maybe once every 3 weeks or so.

Xanax is a benzo. It is in the same family as Valium and Ativan. Benzos are NOTORIOUS for addiction and horrible withdrawals. Just using for 2 weeks will have you sick when you come off. Some people are fighting for months through withdrawal symptoms like shaking and headache and extreme anxiety. Those who take a benzo for months will often have an awful withdrawal that can last for a year or more. Some are unable to talk or walk.

This is why I use it sparingly when I need it badly. I've been Doing .25mg every few weeks for years and never have withdrawal issues.

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Oh ok. Yeah I take 0.25 but I don't have cut mine's up into 4 pieces. Since I started I been very calm relaxed and it makes me sleepy other than that. I'm actually great. I don't wont to make it long term for me be using. Doctor stated that even know my asthma plays big part in my life me having panic attacks bring my asthma flare ups more but I'm taking it day by day and hopefully b off it soon. He also have me taking them 3 times a day but I don't because I also have my asthma medication that I have to take

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I was on the lowest dose... the yellow one for Restless Leg Syndrome. When my new GP took me off it I was fine... no withdrawal after 15 yrs. So it was a mild sleep aid. So maybe not everyone becomes addicted?????


Glad u didn't have no withdrawal but it's been minute since I stop taking them but Idk cuz I been taking them but at night around same time I get really sleepy


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