I know everyone has their own experience with xanax. My Mom thinks I should take it. Has it worked for anyone? I'm tired of these butterflies. Does it work instantly? My Mom said it calmed her down instantly... she was having the constant butterflies and thinking she was going to die feelings also. The same as me, now she's back to normal and she doesn't take them anymore. Any success stories?


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  • Hi, It is "supposed" to act relatively fast to calm you but it did NOTHING for me. I was on it for a month. I still had the horrible feeling of panic and fear. I too thought or felt like I was going to die. I still get the most relief from 2mg sublingual Ativan WHEN NEEDED, not to be taken repeatedly in a day. Only when you are at your worse. I wake ea. morning with fear in me......I try to analyze fear of what....always comes down to fear I'm going to die. Some days I do ride it out, others I resort to an Ativan.

  • Hi, Glad you're doing okay. My Mom said she took it for 3 months and then she didn't need it anymore. I never heard of Ativan. I have to look into it.

  • It is supposed to work like Ativan.....the dr. just wanted to see if it would help me any better but it was a no go. it's of the same type of medication. What works for one may not work for another. I just want to be NORMAL again....after 2 yrs of this daily I am starting to lose hope.

  • it does calm you down instantly. Whatever dosage they gave you cut it in half and start like that and see how you feel. I took it like 3 times and I stopped. Just because I don't like taking medications. And also gave me a drunk hangover feeling the next day.

  • Yes it does calm you down pretty instantly, I like klonopin as well, I feel like they both work super good for they're intended use just don't get reliant or take a whole bunch because they're pretty addictive, I just use them in situations where I'm completely panicking and really need something to save me. When u take the right dose it doesn't make you super drowsy or anything crazy, it'll probably do u a lot of good(:

  • Thank You so much for that. I am so against meds but I may be willing to give it a try. My Mom was saying to try a very low dose just to build myself back up so I can start living again. I may give it try. I never heard anything good (only from her lol) so thanks.

  • Please don't take Xanax before consulting a doctor. If you are suffering from anxiety a therapist/doctor is the best way the get treatment. These kind of medications should not be taken lightly.

  • Hi, yes I already spoke with a psychiatrist and she said if I feel I need it to contact her when I had my psych evaluation 2 weeks ago. I also see a psychologists bi weekly. I'm just asking because I'm considering taking the meds that were originally offered by the Psychiatrist.

  • its really throws you out of your normal headspace... a couple days will feel like a blur... its hard top tell whats real/not real

  • Oh goodness I don't need more of that lol

  • I've never had a problem with it and it works excellent in combination with Lexapro when I have any anxiety breakthrough. I have a heart arrythmia and at night I sometimes get anxious and can't sleep. Taking 0.25 mg of Xanax helps me get a good night of sleep and I wake up feeling rested. Keep in mind I don't take it daily, but only when I absolutely need it which is usually between 5 and 10 nights per month. Your psychiatrist will be able to tell you how to take it to work best. If your anxiety is particularly bad, your can make it work much faster by letting it dissolve under your tongue. It's very VERY bitter to do it but when I'm having a horrible attack, I don't even care.

  • Thank You, very informative. How long overall how long have you been taking them? I just want something to build me back up and then I will stop taking them.

  • The first time I took them was in 2001. I used them sporadically for about a year after the death of my father which really set my anxiety off. This time I've been on them for about a year. I had a really rough separation from my husband which once again set off my anxiety, so I have them in what my therapist likes to call my toolbox as emergency relief. :-) I just think they're one of those things that is wonderful to have around just in case things get really bad.

  • Everyone reacts different to every medication. Xanax worked great for my anxiety and resting as well. Wish i could just take them for anxiety attacks but for me they worked for anxiety and sleeping and after a while of being on them they mostly just sedated me and id nod in an out feeling nothing other than tired ness and getting great sleep. but they are for short term use only and they are very addicting and one of the worse medications to come off of if you become dependent on them. I was addicted to opiates as well and they were way easier to get off than xanax for me and my gf both my Dr told me I should of never of taken xanax for more than two weeks but I was on them on and off for about 5 years started as nothing just a few here n there to take the edge off than I couldn't sleep with out them then I literally couldn't function with out them took about 6 months of tappering for me to get off with minimal side effects just be very careful of taking any benzo xanax or adivant all benzos can be dangerous as with any drug now I just deal with my anxiety by my own will which doesn't work well but is my only option good luck wish you the best! Oh ya and the half life is very short for xanax they don't work for long do some research on them

  • Thank You. Wow 5 years can be a lengthy time. I was hoping to take them for like a month or so just to get a boost with living again. My Mom did that and it worked for her but at first she was feeling like she wouldn't be able to cope without xanax which scared me lol but then she eventually just moved on with her life.

  • YES YES YES . Here in Australia it's actually called Kalma aka Xanax . It's my life guard , I never go anywhere without it . And yes it kicks in really quick . I take it only when needed . So I have taken it for 2 weeks straight as my anxiety was through the roof . But then I can go 2 weeks without . Could be 2 days then nothing . I have been on it for about 5 years now and I have never got addicted but it's there when I need it . Def better than a tablet everyday

  • Thank You. Okay I see. That's pretty cool. I'm going to give it a try.

  • Also if u feel a panic attack coming on take one before it goes wild . Let me know how u go ? I have asked before if anyone on it and a few replied , so will be interesting how u go . Good luck 😉

  • Yeah it's my "go to" for dentist, airplanes, hairdresser, public speaking, pms and optometrist! I'm in oz too and my new dr won't prescribe it so she gave me a script for valium. Haven't tried that yet as i have enough .25 alprazolam to last a while. I never feel hat i have taken it, I just look back after a few hours and realize that I haven't thought paniky stuff and i feel my normal self. I don't get spacey or sleepy or "hungover". Perfect for me.

  • Thank You. So glad to hear these stories.

  • Yer I wouldn't be without it , and I don't get any side effects , just calm . That's strange the Drs won't give it to you ? Did you ask for Kalma

  • Thank You 😊

  • I take Xanax it helps me I wouldn't hesitate to take it!

  • I meet with my psychiatrist next Wednesday to hopefully get a prescription.

  • Yay keep us updated and good luck

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