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Nervous, worried I don't know what to do!


I don't know how to go about how I am feeling, I haven't been to the doctors as yet but my partner keeps pushing me to go.

Basically I lost my job last week and since I have been extremely depressed about money and my health and wellbeing . I try my best not to worry but it's always in my mind this worry. I luckily have a new job I can start in April.

I've sat in since losing my job feeling sorry for myself and my mother in law said to me 'you need to get a life' basically this hasn't made me feel at all any better when I have no money to live a luxury life like them.

I felt this morning I wanted to die basically because I'm constantly worried, I need some help and or reaccurance.

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hi amyyy77, hang in there it's early days I'm sure when you start your new job you will be fine, if the symptoms persist then I would go and see you're GP, don't take any notice of you're mother in law she obviously hasn't had anxiety, I hope you feel better soon. Xx


You have a life and you are allowed to be sad but keep you chin up, hope all gets better for you.


Like you, several thousand people lost their jobs like you. Unlike you, they don't have a new job to start in April. And you're extremely depressed. Come on now, Amyyy77, you really should count your blessings, you have done extremely well to get fixed up so soon. Maybe there are other reasons you're depressed, you need to identify the true cause of your fears and then seek advice of someone you trust about how to resolve them.

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When everything is basically ok but you aren't then it could be a sign of depression/ anxiety. Telling someone who's unwell that they are fine is laughable isn't it??! Listen to your partner and go to the dr , talking about how you're feeling with them / Dr will help and they will discuss options with you. That's what they're there for. You.


It's very natural to be feeling like you do and a comment like "get a life" is very unhelpful

Look forward not back now you say you have a new job in April that's great

Just accept things might be a bit tight at the moment but they will ease Try and focus on the good things in your life write down what you have to be grateful for no matter how small it could be a sunny day or that Spring is on its way

There is no harm in going to the doctors it will give you some reassurance and even if they give you some medication to make you feel better and get you through to April you have nothing to lose except your horrible feelings

Things may look dark now but they won't always be like that

Take good care of yourself and I wish you loads of luck and happiness 😊

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Same here I've been so worried about any little thing !! :(

I would always feel tired & just not really thinking straight so I would just get so scared and worry my self and just wanna cry , the only thing that helps is just try forgetting anything is wrong and see if it goes away , I hate worrying cause my heart starts beating and I end up really panicking


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