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Help me I ask all over and feel weak

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Hey there everyone thank you for reading my post I was wondering if anyone can message me and maybe help me as I have weird akeing sensations all over my body and in my legs causing me to feel weak.

It started yesterday and is in my legs chest lower back and fingers and mainly my left arm.

Also I feel a pain in my chest like a dull pain that someone is pushing down on it.

I have also been getting sensations in my right eye like it keeps twitching I have fast hart rate because of it and was wondering if anyone else gets these sensations.

Thank you

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I’ve been getting those eye twitches in my arms and legs and they’ve felt a bit weak/achey too. The dr is sure it’s stress and anxiety.

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I have been like this for about a month now. You have no idea how relieved I am to see that others feel these sensations.

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