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"BENZOS" Are THE BEST "Clutch Meds" There Are For Panic & Anxiety "Attacks". Yet ? People Are Afraid To Prescribe Them & Use Them ?

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First Of All, I "KNOW" They Can Be EXTREMELY Addictive. I Also Know That Over A Period Of Time Many People's Dosage May Increase Some To Get The Same Potency Of Effectiveness For Relief.

Now Remember. We're NOT Talking About "Getting High" or/ " Abusing A Drug". We Are Talking About "Effectiveness Of Relief" For A Condition. TRUST ME. Your Doctor "KNOWS" If You Are or Are Becoming "MCJ" [ A Medicine Cabinet Junkie ]. Your Actions & Excuses "WILL" Rat You Out Eventually. Then They WILL Taper You Down & Cut You Off. Then ?* When A Time Comes That You Could Really Use "THAT" Med ? "NOBODY" Will Prescribe It To You. Signs Of MCJ Show Up In Your Medical Records & Word Travels Fast. So. Don't Be Stupid. [ i know this not from personal experience, but from my brother ]

I See All These "New" Meds Being Developed For Long Term Underlying Anxiety. I Call These "Base Anxiety Meds". [ paxil, zoloft, ect...ect... ] But If You Have A Anxiety Disorder Like I Do. You Know That These Meds May "Lessen" Panic Attacks From Coming As Often, But They Don't Stop Them.

So, Therein Lies The "Clutch Meds". The Benzos. [ xanax, valium, ect...ect.. ] These Meds Are MOSTLY Given On An "AS NEEDED BASIS". For Those Of You Like Me. It Is Of The Utmost Importance That We Heed "AS NEEDED". Then We'll Be On Track & Do Just Fine. But Just Because We Feel A Little Anxiety Doesn't Mean We're Having or/ Are Gonna Have A "Attack". A Little Anxiety In Life Is Normal. These Meds Are The "Clutch Drugs" We Are Given For The "Attack" Itself. That Sudden Outa Nowhere "Adrenaline Dump" !* [ and by now, you know the physical symptoms that go along with it ]



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Even used as prescribed you are very likely to get hooked at some point if you use them for a length of time, perhaps not all but most will. Getting off of these drugs is difficult at best, and nightmarishly impossible at worst. Benzos alter brain chemistry and when you stop taking them anxiety is through the roof as well as terrible insomnia. As for the effectiveness of benzos, I agree that they re far and away the most effective anxiety medication available, and there is not a close second. If taken responsibly they can be effective for long term use in the management of anxiety. They quickly lose the sedative effect but the mechanism by which they relieve anxiety is not markedly reduced with long term use if used responsibly by administering the lowest dose possible while also implmenting other strategies to reduce anxiety which may include lifestyle changes, therapy, or even OTC herbs, etc. Long term use of benzos is almost always accompanied by depression in the abscence of ab AD med. Benzos are known to suppress serotonin, so an AD med is essential for long term benzo use. Benzos are essential to long term management of anxiety for ,a small subset of individuals when other therapies have proven to be insufficient to alleviate symptoms, however one should research benzos extensively before ever using them due to the strong potential for addiction. Benzos can be a godsend for some, or a long term nightmare if one does not educate themselves about the drug and use it improperly. Benzos should be avorided if possible as many individuals regret having taken them due to the addiction and the living hell they endure getting off of them. Although you may not become addicted with short term use, ,plaease beware and use caution because using benzos may lead you down a path you later wished you may not have traveled, but on the other side of the coin for a select few long term appropriate use of benzo meds in the management of anxiety can be a godsend and dramatically improve quality of life.......to my knowledge there are no other drugs in the process of being created that are as effective as benzos. Nothing else on the market is even close.

I Find It AMAZING That No Med Companies, With Today's Tech, Has Not Bothered or/ Can't Find An Effective NEW Alternative Of Effectiveness Med Without The Addictive Dependency.

Let's ALL Face The Truth Here. BENZOS & "Any Drug" With An Addictive Nature Is BIG MONEY. We Live In A World Of GREED & Love Of Money !*

[ Don't Get Me Wrong. Benzos Are Great Effective Drugs ! Used PROPERLY People. ]

But You KNOW That "Big Pharma" considers "Bigger Profits" Coming From Addictive Users.

And NO Doctors or/ Pharmas Want A CURE For Anything.

Think About It ? Why Would They ?*


I totally agree with your thoughts on the greed of big pharma, however I think they have the motivation to create a new medication that is comparable to benzos without the negatives associated with benzo drugs, reason being that benzo meds are dirt cheap and the creation of a new and better drug would sell for far more than the generic benzos until the patent expires on the new and improved medication. I don't think big pharma is even close to figuring out the human brain, and with benzos being a drug which changes brain chemistry to an alarming degree, creating an equally effective alternative without the negatives associated with benzo meds is probably some time off even if big pharma is inclined to pursue such drug.

And regarding the blatant greed of big pharma, sadly you find he same thing in most all corporte America.

I think benzo meds can be used effectively with a regular dosing schedule, example morning, afternoon, and evening, so long as the dosage is kept at a minimum and not used with alcohol or other drugs which in time make benzos less effective, and that the drug is effective at controlling anxiety in absence of panic disorder. I don't believe that having a panic disorder is the litmus test for benzo meds, and if one does have a panic disorder low dose scheduled dosing can effectively negate panic episodes, where as dosing only upon an episode occurring only alleviates the symptoms after they have occurred rather than stopping them from occurring in the first place.

Lastly, I am surprised to that benzo meds are not discussed more frequently on this board. In reading the posts of some members it is apparent that many here may unfortunately be part of small subset of the population that are good candidates for this type of medication in spite of the potential downside. It all comes down to risk vs benefit, and for many the benefit may outweigh the risk.

Very Enlightening....


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