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highschool fighting/violence

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So I have 2 people trying to fight me at school, which isn't suprising because i guess it's been leading up to this for a while. My group has been "beefing" with there group for a while ever since we helped this kid named jay from getting beat up, they took him in the bathroom once and punched him in the face and we decieded to step in and help him. eventually things dulled down but then the same people decieded they wanted to fight my friend Allan, and hes like a big freakin teddy bear so obviously he didn't wanna fight and ended up snitching so now he goes around school being ridiculled. soon after that the opposing groups "leader" ended up in OCR (or sweep) for being late in class and acouple of my people where in there and he had been consistently glancing there way a little while later he texted my brother saying that if your homeboy wants to fight i'll press him talking about my friend brian, which led them into fighting and there guy ended up losing badly on video. A couple days later of his guy andre walked up to me and my friends saying that they where gonna catch brian lackin, my brother was there and he's a hot head and began talking shit, when me and him got home there group called him on Facebook messenger saying that they where gonna fight him the next morning, which they did my brother ended up fighting two people from that group keer and jay who was friends with them again (at the time i didn't even know they used to be friends). brian and "D" (which is who brian fought and the leader of that group) got back and brian caught on that andre wanted to fight him and two days later after he found out they fought, that same day "D" and his friend decieded they want to fight me, BUT im 18 and they're 2 juniors some even sophomores and i will get arrested not to mention i already got suspended for a year for having drugs and a knife on me and this time I will gey expelled plus my mom has a custody battle going on and i have to testify and there already GOING threw my school records i don't wanna lose my baby brother over this nor my chance to go to college so what do i do...and also i forgot to mention there bloods, so there friend deep and they've already said they would jump us before. I'm not a gang menber and i only have two friends willing to fight left since brian got expelled, what do i do

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i will fight of i need to but considering the domino effect that happens afterward i would like to avoid it, I've tried talking them down but they've said nothing and even if they do we've squashed the beef 3 or 4 times and it just keeps coming back they have literally said they go out of there way to start shit

All that matters is that no one dies. Make your decision based on that. If you think someone's stupid pride is hurt and they might stab someone else to be seen as tough again, or other dumb teenager stupid fucking retard shit like that, then do whatever it takes, including being a snitch, pussy, faggot, loser, whatever. Honestly I can't stand young people. The vast majority of them are so fucking dumb. I know I was young and dumb at some point, but there was never all this posing and obsession with shit that doesn't matter. I wish people in their teens could see 10 years into the future. People who you feel like are so close to you as friends, and like you'd die for each other or some shit...dude I had a lot of friends in high school, I did well with girls and all that...by age TWENTY you know how many I talked to? One, maybe two. The girls who were the shit back then, like oh my god you'd do anything to get with that girl...they're all old and married and look like shit now. Point is, life is long. High school isn't shit. High school will be a distant memory one day and you won't give a shit about any of it. For now just don't fuck up and get stabbed or shot or some shit. Fuck honour and pride and being cool or tough. That shit is for people with low IQ who have nothing better to do. Look at people now man...on their phones doing dumb shit, reading dumb shit, believing everything they see, obsessing over their Insta pics, trying to be sexy or a hard ass or fucking cute...our society is a piece of shit. Make it better, just distance yourself from the bullshit. Good luck.

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