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Heart attack ?

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Hi everyone first off I’m sorry if I offend anyone with a heart condition or who have had an actual heart attack I hope y’all are ok. I’m 25 years old and all I could think about is when will I have this massive heart attack and die. I’ve had normal labs, echocardiograms, ekgs, heart monitor etc but I’m not convinced I’m ok especially when I have heart palpitations. I do have low vitamin d , iron and a hiatal hernia. Not sure if these things play a part in the palpitations ugh I just don’t want to drop dead because the doctors missed something

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Hi. I've had the same issue and same thoughts. I also had low vitamin D but i received a 4 month treatment for it. Anxiety plays a big part in palpitations I like you struggle with this, specially when i get strong ones. The anemia can also be playing a part in your palpitations. Are you receiving iron for this?. I have done things to minimize my palpitations I get them at times, but it's mostly because I sometimes eat the wrong thing. I have cut off all types of foods and drinks that have caffeine, I have cut off excessive amounts of sugar, fast foods and fatty foods specially late in the day. I also try to keep hydrated by drinking alot of water. Maybe these things can help with your palpitations.

Scary thoughts have always been triggered by a thought that was put into your head by someone or something you heard or watched on TV or Video.

This "phobia" can be conquered with the help of a therapist who specializes in phobia's or if you are a trusting soul, a nice chat with your physician to teach you how the heart works and what causes a " heart attack", might put your mind at ease.

The body is infinitely wise, and having a heart attack is probably way down on the list of things the body wants to do...............

Our bodies are strong and resilient and if you can get your thoughts right, the body will take care of it's self.

Hope that you feel better soon 🙏🏾

I find it can help if I work out whether I'm being rational about the risks. How does the risk of falling victim to my latest health scare compare to other things: other medical problems, non-medical risks. Usually when I start to work it out, I find that I've more chance of being run over crossing the road.

You are twenty-five which straight away means you're not at high risk for a heart attack. You've also had lots of investigations which came back negative, and that combines with this comparatively young age, making a heart attack still less likely.

You say you get palpitations but only some kinds of irregularities are a problem. Missed beats for example are very common and not a problem. I know because I noticed them in myself, and I'm still here quite a few years later!

In fact, if you think about it a certain way, you're one of the least likely people in the world to have a heart attack. Not only are you young but you have also had all kinds of tests on your heart, which showed it to be in good health.

I find it can help if I can develop this kind of "answer" to my anxiety. When I find myself worrying, I remind myself of the answer and it helps me calm down.

I hope that your doctor has recommended vitamin d supplements for you. Also ionic magnesium chloride helps to regulate heart rhythm.

The hernia can most definitely cause your palpitations! I recently had a scope done and I was inflammed from my throat to my small intestine.. since they’ve been treating it my palpitations have gotten a lot better.

Thank you all ❤️

I can definitely relate. I’m 24 and have had awful anxiety fears of having a heart attack even though I’ve had normal EKG tests and was even put on a holter monitor test that only showed harmless palpitations. I know anxiety definitely plays a huge part in what feels like heart related problems.

I also know anxiety can trigger acid reflux which causes chest pain/tightness, nausea, and can mimic heart attack symptoms.

Even though I still struggle with my fears...my brother has been a paramedic for a couple years and told me heart attacks in people our age is almost unheard of. Him and his squad have never seen a cardiac arrest call for anyone in their 20s. Sometimes when I feel like I’m having a heart attack, I try to reassure myself it is almost unheard of at this age, and my symptoms usually get better if I drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeine, fatty foods, and alcohol. ( a glass of red wine here and there has helped relax me in the middle of my panic episodes however)

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that reassured me also thanks so much

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