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These past few weeks have been pretty much chaotic both physically and emotionally, being a person that fears death I finally felt the desire and edge to end it all the constant struggles of not knowing if I’m coming or going my future really seemed bleak. Thoughts of my son would constantly haunt me “what would really be of him If I was no more? Yes my mom is there but he needs his mother yet I still I wasn’t faced to go ahead with my plot, I wasn’t myself anymore my heart was filled with so much despair my head wasn’t functioning anymore I would just zone out within a matter of seconds I began forgetting names of people I was very close too then I had concluded that I’m losing it.Just as everyone I’ve had my fair share of hardships and each time I have pulled through just by getting into a whole new state of mind I choose happiness instead of sadness, I laughed more and cried less. “I CHOOSE” this word will forever exist in my vocabulary. Each day I want to wake up and see a new perspective of life. I CHOOSE ME I CHOOSE HAPPINESS

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When you were born, it was as if you jumped out of an airplane

You knew from that moment you would eventually splat on the ground

No maybes, you are going to splat

You have three choices during your fall

1. Be fearful and anxious

2. Close your eyes and ignore the inevitable

3. Smile, relax and enjoy the view as long as it lasts, live in the peace of the present

Love > hate

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