Feeling Of Off Balance,weird sensations across my chest and legs,chest pains,SOB,ANXIETY, when i try to sleep

For me, It's bad when I try to sleep. I always feel like I'm having a heart attack,my body feels off, like a weird feeling going across my chest, sometimes my legs. I've seen the doctors for the past 3 years, including a cardiology. I take my physicals every year!!! They never find nothing?! But what they tell me,and how I feel are soooo different! I always say, I must have something? I'm actually going on my second physical tomorrow, by a different doctor, just so I can get a second opinion. Sometimes I want to go to the ER, just for the sake of going, and telling them I'm having a heart attack, so they give me every damn test to mankind! Some nights are great, and I can go to sleep with no problem, other nights are horrible..;( I've had Blood work, about , 1,000 EKG's, 1 ECG, 1 Cat scan of my brain. EVerything comes back good. I know I should be thankful!, and I am!!!!! But damnnit I feel like shit when I sleep....


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  • Don't despair....you are not alone. Nights can be very stressful. It's that part of the day you lie down and after being busy in both body and mind...now you try to relax...then the mind and subconscious kicks in and your whole system gets worked into a tizzy...next, the physical symptoms and you feel like you are dying. There goes more stress compounding and the vicious fear cycle on top of no sleep. Been there, had tests too...perhaps some cognitive therapy for the health anxiety. I feel for you and do hope things get better. I'm still trying too.

  • Thank you! I went to the doctor today, and after all the tests, I'm healthy as an ox! Made me feel very positive and great! It's what I needed to hear!!!

  • Be sure that you have not taken an fluoroquinolone antibiotics. For me, they were the culprit for this. If you think you have, you must not take them again. And for help, there is this excellent site: floxiehope.com

  • No I havnt taken that, but thank you

  • Everything you have just said is exact same with me. 18 year old 80 year old any age living like this is awful. Just know you aren't alone !!! Hundreds of people around the world can definitely say they feel like this too x

  • Thanks Emily ! Are you still feeling this way?

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