Xanax? Dosage?

Just curious for those of you who take xanax what is your dosage. 2 years ago a psychiatrist prescribes it to me 0.5 mg every 4-6 hours as needed. Ext release.

I haven't taken it in over a year but my anxiety is back with a viengence. I caved and took one at 10:26 this morning then another at 3:30.

I'm not sure what my question is really but, any advice is welcome.


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  • Hi Momwifedaughter, I think your question may be if that dose is too high as well as is this going to put you back on the Merry-go-round of benzos. When I was on Xanax, my dose was 1/2 of 0.25mg equaling ,0125mg. I was on 1 pill daily for years. Even at that extremely low dose, I did get dependent on it. I would say to check back with your psych doctor, let him know you are starting again. He may want to go a different route. Taking it as needed is okay except with anxiety patients, we can tend to need it more and more.

    I hope this answers your concerns. Take care.

  • I can relate. I finally threw some away that had gotten old from not being used. But, like you, my anxiety is back full force for the first time in about 3-4 years because I just lost my VP of Engineering job at 50 years old. So I had my doctor prescribe me some more. He gave me a dozen at 0.25mg and said if I needed more that I would have to come in and see him. I try to use them sparingly - I've taken 3 over the past week or so, but I took one this morning which took the edge off. In the past I have used 0.50mg. You could break them in half and see if 0.25mg helps at all if you are concerned about the dosage. But I don't think what you were prescribed is too much. Do what feels good for you. Trial and error. We'll all get through this again, it is never permanent. I wish you peace.

  • This is just my personal opinion. I see so many people addicted to xanax r scary. My doctor is weaning me off mine as he said he is no longer writing benzo. Scripts. He picked the worst time in my life as I have so much stress I can't control. I try not to run for a pill everytime as I am not addicted and don't want to be. I have been using breathing techniques. They do work. I hope hyou have family that understands panic disorder. Until somebody experiences one, not a lot of sympathy. I wish you the best

  • Thank you for your reply. I actually, since I have written this, found a superior therapist. She specializes in CBT specifically exposure therapy. I was so skeptical at first but, she is amazing. I am

    Completely off xanax now. I wish you luck.

  • Momwifedaughter, Oh is that wonderful. I'm glad to hear CBT has worked for you. It does sound like you found a "gem" with your therapist. Continued Success. x

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