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Ok so today I felt fine. Went to the loo at 1 pm and wham I got the biggest dizzy spell . Walked to the couch very wobbly . When I went to lay down I spun. Sitting up my heart went into overdrive and my bp was up . Ate some ice as mouth really dry . Took a Kalma (xanax) . Tried to lay again and spinning again , even if I bend forward . Took a tablet called pro-calm for dizziness . It’s now 2.30 and I can only lay on my side and I’m not spinning but if I go to lay on my back I instantly spin .

So does anyone get vertigo and then a panic attack ? This is a scary first for me

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My sister suffers vertigo and had a bad attack where she couldnt even walk called doctor said it was vertigo. Suffered for months so yes it can happen. She thought she was having a syroke but no so tryy not to panic there are exercises for that.

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