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GOOGLE, an informational source, not a DOCTOR!

GOOGLE, an informational source, not a DOCTOR!

Just writing this post for the people out there like me, who have a habit of taking Dr.Google's help.

(I have posted this as a reply to a user's post, thought this could be helpful, so sharing it as a post)

Internet is a very good source of knowledge, however when it comes to googling your symptoms, it can prove out to be a little bit mind boggling. I'll share my story, and also a very interesting theory as to why google does that to most of the peoples. As in, why does it end most the people up in believing that they have a terminal disease.

My story, is simple, and just keeps repeating itself. I lost my brother to meningitis, (Tubercolosis mengitis) because of which I had to read a lot about it. I just made a mental checklist of the symptos myself. And whenever even one of the symptoms pop up (which are just normal things like, headache, neck pain), I just convinc myself enough that I have meningitis, and make my life a living nightmare for the rest of the week.

Apart from that, there are other terminal diseases to add, like Cancer, Tumors, and other types of cancer that I have never heard of in my life.

Here's the theory why it does that to most of us.

Google is a search engine, and a search engine is suppose to give you the best results for your search term. When it comes to googling for music and movies, it gives you the best sites on top results that are more likely to give you the file.

However when it comes to health or symptoms, the "BEST" search results are, the articles that list the worst that ever has happened to people with symptoms similar to yours. That includes all the types of terminal diseases, illness, and conditions.

Google does that, just to make sure, that you have the relevant information.

Googling symptom"S" is fine, but googling just one SYMPTOM is NOT GOOD!! If you think that one symptom is bothering you, go to a local doctor. Don't DIAGNOSE yourself with some disease with google's help. Google is just an informational source, not a DOCTOR :p

Hope this helps

Bliss and Bless


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I do the same exact thing. It always makes you feel worse... but I can't ever stop googling symptoms.. everytime it says I am having a heart attack or a stroke... but I live to fight another day and nothing ever happens... you aren't alone. I am so sick of this feeling though.

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Thanks for the reply :)

It'g great to know that I am not alone.

I know it is sick to feel this way. It just doesn't get better. I just keep fighting through it.

I am sailing the same boat, in fact, there's a strom in my waters.....

Feel free to talk



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I search Web Dr. the answers are not so negative and aren't always bad, sometimes it makes me feel a lot better. Try it :)

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Thanks for your reply :)

I am trying to make a pact similar to yours with my ownself....

It's not really that hard to keep yourself from googling things.

I guess I am too anxious about my health too..

I am sory to hear about your father....

Are you dealing with anxiety too, if yes then what type?


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