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Dark nights and anxiety


Hi everyone struggling already with driving in the dark from work, my biggest and most troublesome anxiety symptom is weird vision, had this on and off since January but sure I’ve had a spell of not having it during summer. It’s like my eyes are strained and a feeling like I am not quite with it, I was worried about driving in the dark and now I am I am so tense! Been on sertraline 6 weeks was just starting to feel the benefit but last 2 days feel like I’ve gone backwards! Does anyone else have this weird symptom?

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Yes. It took me some time to overcome severe anxiety on the highway or in a traffic jam but I always kept going and worse case scenario pull off the road at a gas station or rest area to stretch and breath. Night driving with anxiety has been difficult but I'm doing good now. I found I was so locked in looking straight ahead and felt almost like a tunnel. I thought maybe my eyes were getting worse and I need glasses but I have perfect vision in the day time. Went to the eye doc and have excellent vision. That's when I knew for sure it's anxious anticipation and nerves. My trick is to focus on objects that are 100-200 yards out in front and sides. I like to see it, name the object (bridge) and what colors I see. This keeps me focused on safety and less worried about how I'm feeling with symptoms. Just remind yourself that you wouldn't be feeling this way if the sun was up. Best of recovery!

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