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Hello, I'm new...

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Can anyone help me. I have had brain shivers/shocks for the last 5 weeks as well as 24/7 dizziness and bad headaches. I have so much pressure in my head I just feel completely out of it. My doctor is treating me for vertigo. I was taking anti-depressants for over a year for my depression, but every one I tried gave me horrible side effects. In the end, I stopped taking them. But then 5/6 weeks later I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy and the headaches and spasms started. My doctors have no idea. My blood pressure is fine and my bloods are ok apart from my folate which is low. One doctor has prescribed Betahistine and naproxen for migraines and vertigo. These don't appear to be helping. I still feel the same. Please help.

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Hi and welcome to the site. I my self suffer from migranes. I get all your symptoms. The dizziness can be from your vertigo but it can also be caused by anxiety which brings with it all kinds of symptoms like the ones you mentioned you have plus more. Also if you are not keeping yourself well hydrated that can also have an effect on you. But if your doctor can't find any reason for your symptoms then it's more than likely part of the anxiety.

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