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Anxiety, tumour or MS?

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From the past 4 weeks I soon as I start to sleep, I wake up with tremors and fast heart beat, which goes normal after 1 minute or so. It happens even if i take a nap in day. I also have mild headaches mainly on left side and back of the head. I also feel pins and needles in my fingers, arm and feet. I have been to 3 neurologist as well and all have said its anxiety and stress. Its really horrible feeling. I fear from the thought of sleeping now. Can anyone help, is it only me or someone else has sane symptoms? God bless all

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Have you considered sleep apnea?

I have it, and sounds very similar...

And anxiety can make the sleep apnea harder to deal with because you can feel like your your suffocating sometimes, even with the machine,

Good luck and hang in there.

God bless

Hi Sandeep,

I get those symptoms from time to time. It's nerves associated with anxiety (like your neurologist says). Its uncomfortable, but it does pass. When I get bouts of insomnia I do get a fearful feeling of going to bed (thinking what the hell, I'll be awake in an hour and will have trouble falling back to sleep).

I accept my discomfort and try to detach from the sensations. Your feelings are real, but coping with anxiety means accepting those sensations. Acceptance paradoxically can reduce their aggravation.

But, yes, me too and I hope you can get some peace around your feelings.


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