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My couple brote up with me because my GAD

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I need help, ASAP. I have 29 years old and 7 years ago I have diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I have been in psychotherapy treatment and now I have many tools to improve my life, at work and with others. Unfortunately, a few months ago I faced the death of a relative and my disorder worsened. I am more irritable and not very tolerant. I have a boyfriend since a year and a half, but despite my attacks of anger or irrational anger have dropped, I still have unjustified episodes of anger, screaming or unjustified recriminations, which I realize days later and apologize With him for my attitude. Muy couple could not take it anymore and yesterday he broke up with me because he could not deal with my problem, although he has always known that I suffer this disorder. Today he told me that every time we fight and I react badly he does not know who I am; if I am the woman he fell in love with or if I am that angry woman unable to control her emotions. I try to be a better version of myself every day and I know that in the last year, thanks to therapies and drugs, my attacks have gone down, but I do not know how to make my boyfriend understand that I intend to continue improving and that none of this is his fault. I know that I am not in a position to ask him to forgive me or forget my bad moods, but I would also like to ask for help to know what concrete actions I can take to show him that I am improving and that with those specific changes he can trust me again. Help, me please, it's urgent.

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hi im sorry to hear of you loss it can take its toll on us I too have lost someone 6 months ago my dad and I faced similar things to you not with my partner mind you.sorry to hear its affecting your relationship also but you are the most important person here.keep attending therapy keep striving to be a better you and it will change.surround your life with positive things as well.if he sees change for the better that's great but you have to do it for yourself.lets hope it has a happy ending for you both.

Give the guy your blessings and let him go.

NOW take all of the time you need to work on yourself and get right.

WE can not blame other people if they want to leave a situation that is not of benefit for them.

Focus on yourself and get the help you need.

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tabtab in reply to Indigojoe

I’m not blaming him and right now I’m taking all The time to keep working and get right. The point is that i would Love to keep fighting against with DAG with him by my side, and im looking for some advice from you that help me so i can explain him about GAD. Is it possible? Thanks a lot!

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