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Tingling hands and feet fingers tremble


Whenever I get anxious which is quite often and comes out of nowhere I get an overwhelming feeling of tingling and my hands especially will shake and tremble my heart starts racing. I've been tested for other things and everything seems to be normal with me. Does anyone else have this happen and if so what so u do to stop it? It drives me crazy. I feel like people can see it.

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That’s from fast shallow breathing ( hyperventilation ) you don’t even know your doing it so the next time it happens breath through your nose to the count of 4 and slowly exhale to the count of 6 repeat this for a few min and your carbon dioxide will equalize.

Ericamo1 in reply to Ironj

Thanks I'll try that

If you have not read the book , Hope and Help for your nerves, please find a copy and see if that doesn't help. Clair Weeks, teaches us to accept our symptoms. She has youtube videos you can turn into right away to learn her acceptance methode. I bet it works for you very well.

Ericamo1 in reply to Indigojoe

I just downloaded it I'll give it a read thanks

Yes I've experienced this. Even my lip tingle and feel numb. It's crazy & I can't stand it either! Definitely try the Claire Week's , I'm actually reading that same version of her book now & between that & the headspace app, it has been helping me so much! Along with breathing techniques as well. I still have challenging days of course, as you will too. These 2 things mainly is what's working for me after searching/trying different things & I hope it will for you as well. Give it a shot. 😉 You want be disappointed. Good luck. 😊

Ericamo1 in reply to Kel76

Thank you...I just downloaded it. Hopefully it helps me out. I think I pay way too much attention to it so when it happens I focus on it too much and that sends me more into a panic mode.

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